Understanding the Impacts of Emojis

Emojis have made a widespread impact on multiple areas such as psychology and sociology, and given the rise of digital communication via text, emojis have become key to communicate emotions. 

You can now technically make the other person behind the communication pathway feel and fully understand the emotion you feel while messaging them through emojis. For example, you are trying to explain to your boss that you missed a deadline. So you decide to message him on instant messenger with an apology plus a sweat emoji to fully convey how nervous and full of discomfort you are after that incident.

Psychological Effects of Emojis

People are said to share empathy and create relationships face-to-face through a phenomenon called Emotional Contagion, wherein closely related emotions are directly triggered by one person to another and their corresponding behaviors. Researchers found that the response can be activated when an individual sees an emoji.  As such, emojis allows a person to express gestures and emotions through the use of a variety of images or characters to express feelings, opinions, or emotions.

Digital Communication

In digital communication, emojis help represent the gestures, the tone of the voice, and also helps convey physical expressions that people do when they are communicating vocally. Because of this people interpret emojis as emotional data, which helps people to clarify the purpose or meaning of the digital messages that they sent without the need for the receiver to require further context. 

The Growth of Emojis

In recent years the number of Emojis has increased over time. There are now a lot of new emojis which can be appropriately used in almost any kind of situation. There are now emojis that can be used to convey facial expressions, emojis that can represent objects, and there are also emojis that can signify a particular occurrence or event. 


Emojis can also allow people to express diversity in many forms such as race, gender, and ethnicity. Through the use of emojis, people can share their sense of individuality and can allow them to have a greater sense of identity.

All-in-all, emojis have definitely made an impact on our world.