Using Signs Emoji for Easy Communication

Using signs and symbols has been part of our lives even way back before no electronic devices. It is a straightforward way to express so many things so that the conversation will not take too long. And it has been evolving until today in so many fields that we can do it in our smartphones through emojis. 

With the help of making it an emoji, we can convey messages most efficiently. You can also confirm, approve, and many more. It has been so helpful, especially to those who are communicating over a long distance. It has also been useful for people in a hurry and wants to say something more easily.

Check Mark Emoji

The color of this emoji is green, but it also has different colors on different platforms. Today, this is so useful, especially for online classes. Teachers or professors can easily express whether their students are right by sending check emoji. You can also use this to agree on a conversation easily.

That can also be a quick way to say that you have finished doing something. A quick way to say “done.” Also, somebody asks you for permission and uses this as a sign of approval. You can also use this as a sign of selecting multiple things or answers, especially in classes. It is also used today beside the hashtag “stop coronavirus “to spread awareness.

Cross Mark Emoji

If there’s a check, there should be across, which is the opposite of saying right. That is also useful to the teachers to say or mark your answer wrong, or your statement was incorrect. You can also use this to express that something is prohibited from doing. That can also be an expression to tell someone to stop doing something or stop talking. 

Other places are using it on traffic signs saying to stop crossing that road because it’s prohibited or dangerous. And this is famous in pirate stories. Usually, a cross mark drawn on the map could be a treasure. So you can use this to tell someone about a treasure; for example, you’re playing a game related to the pirate.

Double Exclamation Mark Emoji

Usually a sign of notice, before saying something like rules or regulations, and to gain attention to the ones you want to communicate with. After a person’s name, putting this emoji might be your shouting to someone, or you want something from that person urgently. You can also place this after a confirmation like a “yes” or “no” with excitement or rudely.

It can express happiness. Saying thank you, followed by this emoji, might be a way to give thanks strongly from someone whom you receive something or a favor, or might be the opposite. A sign of being shocked or deep sadness on something happened that you did not expect.

Anger Symbol Emoji

It has four curved lines that look like a square or a crossroads. So that means it can also be a sign of an intersection for telling someone in directions. One thing for sure will come to mind when you see this emoji. Being mad or you are showing anger on something or someone. This is a typical use of this sign, as usually seen in comics or movies.

For anime watchers around there, this is commonly used for a mad character even without saying something; you can quickly tell that it’s pissed off about something. If you combine this emoji with a pissed-off emoji, you can amplify madness, and adding a mad emoji would express more rage.

Question Mark Emoji

This is commonly used to ask something. There are so many ways to ask something. But it can be used by someone who is confused or to show curiosity. You will also notice some people using this emoji together with a punctuation mark to ask a question or to confirm something strongly.

Double Curly Loop Emoji

This emoji really looks like boobs, and sometimes, it is expressed like that. But this emoji or symbol has another significant meaning. Seeing this can be a sign of a no-charge dial-up connection. You can also use this to provoke a fight, especially to those engaged in online games. If you may see its shape, it also looks like an angel flying together.


There are more emojis like this to make your conversation smooth. It is common now to be used by everyone, and many people benefit from it in terms of games, businesses, school, and many more. The faster the communication, the less time to spend, and you can talk more about many things or plan on something. Use these emojis for you to express yourself more easily without the need for using too many words. We hope our article helps you with using emojis. Try them out for yourself!