Warehouse Pallet Rack

Pallet racks, also called beam racks or cargo racks, are the most frequent in-home storage racking systems and are often hefty racks. Not only does this apply to a wide range of small-quantity commodities, but it also applies to a limited number of large-quantity goods. One of the most extensively utilized systems for storing palletized unit loads is selective pallet racking. Each Pallet is independently accessible within the rack. Selective Pallet racking Malaysia in a broad aisle design does not necessitate specialist handling equipment. It provides high-quality storage yet only uses around 40% of the floor area when set in this manner. On the other hand, this storage is prevalent because of its high throughput and simplicity of loading and unloading.


  • Pallet rack shelving has enormous spans and can hold a lot of weight. The Pallet’s size mainly dictates the pallet rack’s spread (length). In most cases, one level beam can support two standard pallets. Pallet racks have sturdy construction.
  • To maintain the pallet rack’s stability, expansion screws must be inserted at the bottom of the pallet rack. The loading levels of pallet racks can be modified.
  • The height of the warehouse and the height of the pallets influence the loading levels of pallet racks. Pallets are usually stored immediately on the ground level, followed by the beam levels.
  • Details about the packaging: This is a standard export package. Steel belts are used to pack all items, which are then coated in plastic film.

Selective Beam rack is another name for pallet rack. It is usually of the heavy-duty variety and is the most common rack. Pallet racks can be used to store a variety of commodities in small quantities and unified goods in large quantities. Pallet racks are commonly found in high-rise warehouses. A warehouse pallet rack is a mechanical handling storage system that uses horizontal rows and vertical levels to store pallet items and commodities. Horizontal beams connect to vertical upright frames to form industrial shelving that supports pallets of material that forklifts may reach.

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Light-duty boltless racking systems are simple to install and remove, so you may do it whenever you want. For heavy or prolonged items like aluminum extrusions, the Racking System Malaysia increases horizontal storage space. Our Pallet racking components were custom-built for the storage racking system, making it adjustable and versatile for future development. Both indoors and out, the Light Duty Racking System may be used. Long-span light duty racking systems can be used for various purposes, including shelving, long-span racking, multi-tier, and high-rise installations.