Websites That Offer the Best Deals for Cheap Dedicated Servers for Hosting

The best when it comes to web hosting is a dedicated hosting server where you have a complete server committed to your needs. Usually, dedicated servers are not exactly cheap, especially since you get an entire machine with lots of bandwidth, storage space as well as computing power – that does not come cheaply.

New trends in industry

However, recent trends in the industry such as:

  • Rivalry with hyperscale providers of cloud service; 
  • Recycling old servers; 
  • Extra capacity of data center.

Meaning hosting prices have dropped and right now you actually get cheap dedicated servers for as cheaply as most average VPS (Virtual Private Server).

Websites that list best deals

There are some websites that will list the best cheap dedicated server deals on the market and these sites list something for everyone. These sites notice that prices usually do not contain local taxes and the prices quoted are by per-month with a signed 12-month contract. These websites will list the absolute best “cheap dedicated hosting” deals. But if you want something that is even lighter, check out the list of best cheap VPS deals that these websites have also rounded up. 

HostNoc Canada

Many believe that HostNoc based in Canada has the best deals for $69.95 per month (paid for a year and get two months free), you will get a cracking little server that easily can handle a medium-sized website hosting. 

Other items include

You will also get 48GM of RAM, a SSD system of 240GB with part of 1TB SATA drives (that can be RAIDed), a port that is 1Gb and bandwidth of 20TB. HostNoc also offers:

  • Backups daily;
  • Free white-glove movements;
  • 24/7 live support with a get-back response time of 30 minutes.

Choice of server programs

You also get the choice of a free OS that is limited to Ubuntu, and CentOS while Windows Server offers consist of 2012 and 2016 but no 2019.