What Are Moon Rocks?

We have many wonderful things around, but sometimes, we don’t have the right information about these things. Here we must mention Moon rocks as they are famous worldwide. Most of people discuss and spread different rumors and facts about the invention or finding of it. According to the people, it was first concocted by the dispensary Starbudz760. The west coast legendary rapper Kurupt was the one who promotes it with his own version named after him as Kurupt Moonrock.

Moon Rocks are cannabis buds and pour with the hash oil, and they rolled into the kief. The CBD Moon Rocks contain 20% of THC, and it has a unique Kief taste. People use it according to the need, but it is cost-effective as compared to the Raw CBD oil. Today, we are going to discuss about Moon Rock, so let’s discuss it more. 

How hard are Moon Rocks? 

Even though the power of each group of Moon Rocks changes and relies upon how it’s made/who produces it, the general agreement is that they float around half THC (most bloom without anyone else midpoints around 20% THC). 

Hitting Moon Rocks delivers an amazingly wonderful, terpene-rich taste of kief that makes you state, “Woooo that is delectable.” The smoke mists created are overly large and full, so each hit is damn close to its own understanding. 

What’s more, the high?. Beginning in the head, and in the end, spreading all through the whole body down to your toes, a Moon Rocks high is one of those moderate consumes that you unquestionably feel from the outset, however after 30 minutes, you understand that you have arrived at a peak that you might not have been prepared to climb. The amount of THC in the Moon Rock makes it high, and as it is low in price, it is easily available at online stores, and if you are interested in buying, you can buy it through online stores. To understand the importance of Moon Rock, let’s check out its benefits. 


  1. Moonrock will get you high because it has 20% THC. 
  2. It is financially savvy, and simply like touches, a tad goes far. 
  3. Extraordinary for clinical patients or different people who need a high portion of THC. 
  4. They’re a great oddity and great friendly exchange. 

The Moonrock belongs to CBD Flower; therefore, it has a strong impact while using it. Although it has some disadvantages, we only consider the benefits as it is CBD’s substance. You can check the reviews of Moon rock for further assistance and information so consider it. 


Dispensary Starbudz760 found Moon Rocks and the famous rapper Kurupt give it his name; that is why moon rock gets famous. It has a strong impact while using it; therefore, people need to be wise and careful. As we all know, CBD Vape cigarettes and cartridges are today’s trends; thus, more and more companies are joining this business and manufacture different tastes and flavors.