What are the different types of packaging solutions?

Online sales and purchases have become an essential part of today’s world. A study conducted in 2019 reveals that almost 43% of consumers search online for products before purchasing them.

Every product-based business requires proper packaging to keep its product safe and markets its brand efficiently. According to marketing experts, packaging is essential in improving business growth.

Houston is well known for its remarkable medical facilities, with 85 hospitals and high-quality healthcare treatments accessible to every corner of the city, both online and offline. These medical products come with good medical packaging in Houston, Tx, that can keep medicines and other important items safe from spillage, contamination, and damage.

However, many people find it difficult to select the most appropriate packaging solution for their products. The following points list some packaging products you can use.

Paperboard boxes

These boxes are made with paper, so they don’t weigh too much but remain strong enough to contain all products safely. You can quickly unpack these boxes from anywhere and put them in waste without worrying about their environmental effect because they decompose quickly. All kinds of product-based businesses prefer this type of packaging. They are ideal for medicines, cosmetics, dry food products, stationary, etc.

Corrugated boxes

These boxes are a bit harder than paperboard boxes because they are made with hard material. However, these come in small to enormous sizes and are very easy to assemble. It is an ideal choice to use cardboard boxes for products because they provide complete protection to them with their three protective layers of paper and corrugated medium. Many people use these boxes to deliver heavy products because they can contain heavy objects better. Moreover, these also come in the biggest sizes so you can use them for shifting purposes.

Plastic boxes

Plastic is a common raw material used in almost every product-based business. You can find it in spaceships and even paper clips. The best part about plastic is that you can use them repeatedly. You can find light and heavy-weight plastic boxes based on your product requirements. It is best for airtight sealing products, such as liquids, fresh food, etc.

Foam interiors

The exterior packaging is essential for product protection, but more than that, it is vital to ensure that the product remains safe inside the packaging. You can ensure that by including foam interiors inside the package. For example, if you have to deliver medicines stored in glass containers, you can not put them in a cardboard or a plastic container directly as it will break with minimum impact. You will have to put foam interiors so that they can absorb impact and keep the glass bottles safe.


As foam interiors can keep glass products safe, cushioning is a much better option if you are trying to send delicate products somewhere; it also adds beauty to the packaging. You can use this internal packaging type for products like injections, medicines, showpieces, mud crafts, gifting items, etc. So, if you plan to sell delicate products, you can use cushion interiors for your packaging.

These points list all the types of packaging you can use to sell your products. Many companies provide these packaging services for products like medicines, cosmetics, food products, gifting items, stationary, etc. For example, you can hire a service provider for medical packaging in Houston, TX. All you need to do is search online and select the one that provides the best services for you.