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What Do You Need to Know About Can Coolers?

Today, can coolers can be seen everywhere but only a few know about their functionality and purpose. So, if you are also someone who doesn’t know about what can coolers are, this article is for you. We have covered everything about these coolers here and how they can benefit you.

If you are drinking cold beverages from aluminum cans in summer, you must know how fast the drink can go warm and unappetizing. It only takes seconds to melt the ice within the beverage and make it tasteless. So, what is the solution for it? Can coolers be the answer? Yes, without any doubt. These are cool summertime accessories that are created to keep your drinks optimally cold. They are absolutely fun to use and can be customized the way you want. You can design them for events, company promotions, employee giveaways and so much more.

What is a can cooler?

Can coolers are made up of foam or neoprene, which acts as a cooling agent for your drinks. These are water-safe sleeves, which can be put around your drink to keep it chilled till long. The drink can can tightly fit within the cooler sleeve, offering you a firm grip to hold it. Since there is no gap between the cooler and the can, the coldness of the drink will be perfectly retained.

These coolers come with multiple names like coastie, coozie, cozy, or even a stubby holder.

They are mostly available in collapsible styles with rounder versions and firmer grips. One can also find it in regular, skinny, or bottle styles.

How do the coolers work?

Metal is a very good conductor of heat. And, when you are in a warm climate or even when your warm hand is holding your ice-cold beverage, there happens an exchange of heat. Your warm hand or the hot air around will conduct the heat through the metal body, thus, quickly warming up your otherwise cold drink.

In this scenario, if a neoprene sleeve is added to the can, it will act as a strong barrier that will retain the cold in the beverage of the can.  As a result, the drink will remain colder for a long time. Also, the sleeve will prevent any form of condensation. So, there are no chances of dropping a slippery can.

All these benefits can be achieved with Quality Perfection foam can coolers that are designed to last in style.