What does a whistleblower lawyer do?

It takes a lot of courage to speak up when you see an individual or business doing something they shouldn’t be doing—especially when they are your employer. Yet if you do not say anything, then the bad actors will likely continue doing wrong.

Fortunately, you should be able to find a whistleblower lawyer who can help you stand up for what is right and hopefully get rewarded in the process.

What is a Whistleblower?

When you see something going on at your workplace that does not seem above board, such as tax fraud or healthcare fraud, you may try to speak to your employer about the problem.

But what happens when your employer is not willing or interested in listening—or worse, is the one committing the crime?

When faced with such a situation, you may feel compelled to say something. When you do, you are blowing the whistle on wrongdoing and therefore become a whistleblower.

How a Whistleblower Lawyer Can Help

There are laws in place designed to encourage whistleblowers to speak up about wrongdoing they see happening at their workplaces. These whistleblower laws are in place so you can point out wrongdoing without risk of reprisal from your employer. They are also in place so you can get rewarded for speaking up.

A whistleblower lawyer can examine your situation and give you knowledgeable advice about what you should do next. Your lawyer can tell you how to move forward and walk with you the entire journey—protecting your rights and giving you the best opportunity to be awarded for your honesty.

One thing many people do not realize about whistleblower lawyers is that they do not charge you a fee unless you win your case. That means you can work with a skilled legal professional without incurring out-of-pocket fees.