What is the job role and responsibilities of an Estate Planning Attorney?

Have you ever come across a legal representative? Have you ever heard of known legal representatives in a specific field?

Scratch that, do you know what exactly these specific field experts do?

If someone is ever to mention anything related to law; lawyers always come but people don’t have enough knowledge about them. 

You might find it interesting that there are also Estate Planning Attorney. People in any field of law, are quite the personalities. But one should also know about their roles if ever need one. It makes it easier to get any kind of consultant.

This article will tell you about the job role and responsibilities of an estate planning attorney.

Let’s start with a brief description.

Who Is An Estate Attorney?

They are the people who help you manage your assets or estate more legally. From handling all the related paperwork to their possible heir.

They can also consult you on how to manage your assets.


  • Determining the distribution of the estate
  • Counsel for those seeking to establish a trust where assets are set aside for a future beneficiary
  • Drafting will, trusts and other assets
  • Advice about retirement plans, life insurance policies and charitable contributions
  • Maintain a record of assets of the client

Job Roles

  • Collaborate with financial managers and insurance specialists
  • If a case goes to the probate court, be involved in litigating the case like Probate Attorney San Antonio

Skills Required For The Job

  • Must have a thorough grasp of state and federal tax laws, trusts, wills, property, and real estate 
  • Teamwork
  • Good communication
  • Deep knowledge about the application of the law

Other than these things, of course, they need to have a degree and license to practice.

Estate planning attorneys can either work as individuals or at a law firm. They all are open to assist you in every possible way. You can hire them for any estate-related feud or ask for a consultation. 

It’s important to know about these things because one never knows when they might need what kind of legal representative. It’s better to have some knowledge so that it is easier to find an expert. 

Also, with an estate attorney by your side, you will have a legal record of all your assets. So, managing them and their taxes becomes easier. You wouldn’t have to worry about distributing your estate randomly.