What you need to know regarding the Satta Matka game?

The Indian Satta Matka is considered to be a gambling activity that is being operated for quite some time in the country. The term Satta implies gambling while the term Matka actually refers to a pot from where numbers are going to be drawn. This kind of game became extremely well-known in the Indian subcontinent between the 1960s and 1990s.

The status of this game has changed considerably over the years and new versions have evolved as well. The introduction of more online as well as offline options such as slots and roulette from service providers from abroad provided the gamers with more options to select from.

The Matka game’s origin in India

The founder of the Matka game in India was a person who was also called the Matka king by his followers. The practice of the transfer of the opening and closing rates of cotton was discontinued by the New York Cotton Exchange in the year 1961. 

At that time, the concepts of announcing the closing and opening rates of imaginary items came into existence. Bits of paper with numbers written on them were put in a Matka (a large earthen pot) from where the lucky number would be drawn. A person would pull out a chit at random from the Matka and read aloud the winning number. At that time, lots of textile workers in Mumbai used to play this game on a wide scale. 

Some well-known names of the Matka industry consisted of Suresh Bhagat, Ratan Khatri, and Kalyanji Bhagat. The popularity of this Matka game became the highest in India during the 80s and 90s. Approximately 2,000 bookies were formed to cater to the game’s increasing demand. Every month, in excess of Rs. 500 crores were placed on Satta Matka games at that time.

How to play the Satta king?

  1. Go to the official website of the lottery where you like to invest your cash and place your bet.
  2. Lots of numbers written on pieces of paper will be available to you.
  3. Select any number between 0 and 9.
  4. Any number will be picked by the organizer at random and he will announce the result.
  5. You will become the Satta king in case you are lucky and you will get cash as well.

Is it legal to play Satta Matka in India?

As mentioned earlier, Satta Matka Market is considered to be a gambling activity in India, and therefore, it is not considered to be legal. Nevertheless, you will come across free online Satta Matka sites where you can play the game in a legal manner. On the other hand, the money-based Matka gaming websites are not deemed to be legal along with the brick-and-mortar gaming setups of Matka. 

Many other games such as Slots and Roulette have become quite well-known amongst the gamers in India right now due to the legal crackdown on Matka. Lots of offshore service providers likewise satisfy the demands of the Indian games via these types of games.