What You Should Know Before Buying a Desk Divider

A desk divider is an essential part of refurbishing office spaces. They are apt for separating work surfaces, particularly in open-plan offices. In such workspaces, the divider provides every employee with a sense of responsibility and ownership over their work area.

It can also encourage employees to keep their workspace clean and organized. Usually, it’s made of glass or plastic. You can find office desk dividers of varying dimensions like 2-feet wide X 1.5-feet tall all the way up to 4-feet wide to 1.5-feet tall.

The sleek and modern-looking separators are available for $79.99. Such dividers work well in all spaces. They are apt for study areas, open offices, recording studios, home offices, and multi-purpose rooms.

How Does a Divider Work in Workspaces?

As per your job role, a divider is ideal to gain a sense of separation from your colleagues. It, in turn, enables you to differentiate your tasks from those who sit around you.

For instance, an accountant deals with a lot of paperwork. So, with a desk divider or separator, they can separate their workload from other paperwork around them. The separators are designed to slot in between desks, and you can use them for various purposes.

Apart from separating workload, they also safeguard data in financial services or provide staff with privacy in smaller areas. But for dividers to work efficiently, you must measure the desk size accurately. So, take into account its width and depth.

What are the Features of a Desk Divider?

Today, you can find dividers that compliment your workspace. Their importance has increased, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, as workplaces are reconfigured intentionally to promote employee wellness and safety. Some features of quality desk dividers include the following:

  • Noise control – The dividers with polyester fiber acoustic panels help manage echoes and minimize a room’s sound level.
  • Easy to set up – It is easy to attach and remove the dividers in a few minutes. They have a user-friendly bracket system that facilitates easy installation and takedown. Thus, it becomes easy to set up a permanent workstation or shift or move things around as and when needed with them.
  • Flexible – You can tailor the divider according to your needs. If you want more privacy, you can add side panels. If not, then you can keep going with single panels.
  • Eco-friendly – The polyester fiber acoustic panels of the divider are made from 75% recycled material. This material diverts plastic from the ocean and landfills and imparts the panel the durability to stand for many years.

Different Types of Desk Separators to Consider

You can use different kinds of dividers in your office space design. Some prominent ones include the following:

  • Double desk suite – This kind of design solution has a built-in bookcase, filing, and tack-board.
  • Square cubicle stations – These kinds of dividers can be set up in rows over a big work area. They have adjustable panels, replaceable parts, and removable wire controls.
  • Collaborative double suite – These infuse two workstations into an ample workspace. It offers several features like a separate filing space and a wall panel for privacy.
  • 4-person suite – This option incorporates a built-in filing cabinet on every desk along with a good amount of surface area. It’s apt for workspaces with a prominent central work area.

Desk separators or dividers provide options for temporary space management and create easily adjustable hybrid workspaces. Today, with the range of options in the market, it’s easier than ever to choose a divider that meets your business needs.