What’s new on Netflix?

Do you love Netflix? The answer is probably ‘yes’ as everyone loves Netflix. What is more, everyone spends a lot of time watching it, especially students. Netflix is a website that offers tons of entertainment options. You can watch almost any movie or TV show on this service. What is more, you can watch it whenever and wherever you want. Apart from that, there is an option to download a movie or an episode for offline viewing.

There are tons of new films and TV series on Netflix every single month. Besides, the service also produces its own content. Some of films produced by Netflix have been nominated for Oscar and Emmy. Netflix TV shows are popular, well-written and are typically very interesting to watch, not to mention the fact that they often cover some very important issues. An example of such a film is a documentary called ‘Homecoming’.

Beyonce’s new film is called “Homecoming’ and it is available on Netflix. It centers around her performance at the Coachella festival in 2018. Coachella is a very famous and very popular music festival. Yet, viewers will also be able to see an in-depth look at Beyonce’s life outside music and performing. So, this documentary does not merely focus on the musical career of Beyonce and her performances. It sheds light on her personal life as well.

The film is a documentary that demonstrates how the idea for her performance at Coachella came about and developed from being a concept to becoming a cultural movement, basically. There is a very high chance students at film school will be studying this documentary in detail soon. It has a lot of important cultural aspects to take into consideration for future generations. What is vital to highlight is that Beyonce herself executive produced and directed the documentary.

Apart from that, this film can also be described as rather intimate. Surely, one cannot dwell upon the film without mentioning the fact that Beyonce was the first black woman to headline this festival. In her set, the contribution of black intellectuals, as well as the diversity of the black culture and the people who have helped to popularize it are highlighted. Watching this documentary is a great idea when you need to take a little break from all your college writing assignments. Once you finish watching it, there is a very high chance you will feel inspired and motivated to do something. You do not have to be a musician to feel inspired by such film. What is more, learning more about the path of such a prominent figure in music as Beyonce will definitely be educational. Perhaps, it is time to include this documentary in the teaching curriculum at school, college and university. Apart from that, watching ‘Homecoming’ is a great choice if you want to unwind and do something different. Instead of working on a complex academic writing task, a student can allocate a few hours to watch this film.