Why do you need FIFA Coins?

Coins are the virtual currency in FIFA that can be used to buy packs in the store and to trade FUT items in the Transfer Market. The coins can also be used to make payments for game mode entries like FUT Draft mode.

If you are looking to improve your club in the FIFA Ultimate Team Mode, you have to buy packs or trade items cards. The more the number of coins you possess, the greater the number of packs and items that you can purchase at FUT 20 mode.

If you are looking to earn coins, you can do so in the following ways:

  • By participating in FUT matches
  • By trading items on the Transfer Market
  • By selling items
  • By getting coins as gift

Keep in mind selling and buying FIFA coins is not legal as per the EA’s terms of service. You run the risk of getting banned by EA sports if you engage in it. It is also illegal to transfer FIFA coins from one account to another.

You will require FIFA coins to do just about everything in FIFA ultimate team. There are many ways to earn them and it is important that you take advantage of every opportunity to get the mode’s best players and enhance your earnings. While getting enough coins to afford the top ones may take some time, there are several ways to make a quick buck. Here are some of them:

Buy and sell players – One of the quickest ways to generate FIFA coins is to sell and buy players on the market. Experts recommend that after you have been playing for some time, it can help to make a list of your bronze players as soon as you get them. While some of them will sell and some will not, it can be a good way to get something from the cards that would otherwise be idle.

You can also take advantage of the sniping technique to get players for lower than their worth and then sell them to at a higher rice to make a profit. While you will be competing with others in this, if you are fast enough, you can make quick profits out of it.

Sell cards at high value – Once a week EA reveals the FUT team of that week. The cards are rare and cost quite a bit. It can help to invest in these players early on and then sell them later when the value has increased.


Earn from SBCs – Another way to generate FIFA coins quickly is by completing the Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). You can also earn quite a bit by listing players that other participants will be searching for to complete the SBCs.

Participate in squad battles – Taking part in squad battles too can help you earn a good amount of FIFA coins. For this, all you have to do is play against tough opponents and the points you earn are transferred into a reward every week.

Sell consumables – There are certain consumables that sell at different prices all through the week. Look out for them and buy them when their prices are low and sell them at a higher price later on to earn more coins.

Profit from the FIFA App – Download the FIFA web app and you can earn coins just by logging in daily. The app is helpful in that it lets you manage your squads and challenges on the go.

Check the EAS FC Catalogue – When you get points by playing, it can be used to buy items from the catalogue. You will find FIFA coin multipliers hidden in there that can be used to earn more coins.

Earn coins from challenges – You can make a lot of FIFA coins by finishing the challenges listed in the main menu. You can write down the daily and weekly challenges that you think you can complete and keep them in mind as you are playing the matches. Finally, don’t forget to go back to the challenges menu to collect your rewards once you are done playing.

Now that you know how to earn FIFA coins, here are some recommendations how to make the most of them:

  • Look out for events and promotions. All through the year EA offers discounts where you can get FIFA coins and points. So it’s a good idea to stay updated about their special deals.

  • The SBCs can be an excellent way to know about how to create a team of your own. It can be a great idea to take them on to learn more.

Coins are very important in the game, everyone needs coins. Now you can get coins quickly: