Why you should buy used instead of new

Buying used cars instead of new offers the average consumer many advantages. Overall, used cars can run just as well as a new car but without the sticker shock, expensive insurance, and higher rate of depreciation.

  • Lower Starting Price: When you buy a used car, you can still get a great car but at the fraction of the cost of a new vehicle. New cars depreciate greatly the moment you drive it off the lot. Used cars don’t experience this kind of sharp decline in value but lose value at a steadier pace.
  • Can Come with Warranties: Used vehicles are also more affordable and can come with certified pre-owned programs that offer users protection in the form of warranties. Used cars also can come with a detailed user history so that you can get all the details about the repairs and maintenance completed.
  • More Affordable Insurance:  A car’s value is a key figure in the cost of car insurance, so when your car costs less, your premium will be lower as well.
  • More Longevity Gives Better Incentive: Today’s cars are running better and longer than ever, on an average of around 11 years. So, if you get a newer used vehicle, the chances are high you can get the most out of its mileage! If you choose a car that’s a year or two old, you can get a better car than you would normally afford and still have many years of performance in it.
  • Fewer Technology Issues: New vehicles can have issues with their technology due to not being on the road long enough. Used vehicles, on the other hand, have had the chance to reveal their issues, so they are more likely to be resolved before you buy one.