Wrapping Made Easier with Innovative Machines

When it comes to wrapping loads, companies look for machines that will make work easier. Companies that supply products experience delays when employees are doing the wrapping. Fortunately, with the introduction of different kinds of wrappers, companies can deliver as many loads as possible in a day. Two main types of wrappers exist; the stretch wrapper and mobile pallet stretch wrapper. Both of these wrappers adequately wrap loads.

The Stretch Wrapper

The stretch wrapper is used to wrap all kinds of loads regardless of the size or weight. The machine has an arm where the load is placed within its radius. The gun usually rotates during wrapping. The machine turns according to the selected speed until the amount has been fully wrapped. However, the device does not detect the load is fully wrapped; therefore, a person should be around to cut the film. The load is then removed, and the next one is put into place.

Some types of stretch wrapper such as the RoboPac S6 Portable Stretch Wrapper can wrap up to 300 loads within a single charge. Advanced stretch wrappers wrap any product of any shape, including cylinder shaped products. Robot S6 has a touch screen control panel, and it is the safest stretch wrapper. It is easier to use the stretch wrapper because it produces a sound signalling the start of the wrap cycle. A flashing light is usually present when the machine is operating. Therefore, it is easier to tell when the device is running.

Mobile Stretch Wrapping

If a load is heavy and cannot be carried to a stretch wrapper, then the robotic pallet wrapper is the answer. The mobile stretch wrapping can be moved quickly to the position of the load. The machine has flexible tyres which can easily roll. The device has a powerful battery that it can wrap up to eight hours. It has a safety sensor that detects any obstacle on the machine path, and it automatically stops.

The mobile has adjustable tops and bottoms, and thus, it can wrap a load of any size. It has a sensor which detects the height of the weight and records on a control panel. A soft start is clicked, and the machine moves quickly until the speed is adjusted. The wrapping parameters can be altered on the control panel. There is a chain on the device which drives the film carriage.

Different types of this machines exist. They have various features, including speed, film stretch, film carriage, film tension, and the film diameter. Therefore, companies purchase different types depending on the loads that they supply. Wrapping has been made easier with the stretch wrapper hence making life to become more easy and better.