5 Tips to Save Money on Air ticket Booking Sites

Air tickets can put a dent on your wallet. But if you take your time to do it right, you can save money while booking your flight. Here are some tips that will help you navigate through air ticket booking sites and book an affordable flight.

It is easy to get confused with so many flight booking websites available on the internet. There are a handful of things that you can keep in mind such as stealth-mode browsing, keeping a flexible schedule, expanding your arrival and departure window to find a flight that fits your budget. Below mentioned are some useful tips that you can use for cheaper air travel.

  • Keep an Eye Out for Discount & Offers

Booking a flight without any offers can be very expensive. But discounts and travel incentives can bring down the price. You can avail these benefits in multiple ways, such as-

  • Check if the airline website you are using has any discount for debit/credit cardholders.
  • Airlines often provide airline credit cards to their frequent flyers, that can be used to waive extra baggage fees.
  • You should also check different airlines websites for their promotional offers on flights.
  • Book Round-trip Flight Tickets

Booking round trips can often be a money-saver. It is also more convenient and time-saving than booking two tickets from different airline websites. Nonetheless, you should check all your options before booking a round ticket. Check the breakup of the round flight to compare how much is the airline charging you for each way. If you are not able find a one-way ticket back matching that fare, then go ahead and book your round-trip flight!

  • Use Your Earned Miles

If you are a part of a travel loyalty program, you can use your miles to get cheaper flights. You can also earn miles and enjoy multiple benefits on your trip by purchasing services from the partners of your program. There are many services like-

  • Shop on digital stores
  • Order food or dine out at restaurants
  • Book a hotel
  • Rent a car

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Have Flexible Travel Dates

The best way to save money while booking a flight is to stay flexible about travel dates. Here are a few tips that work-

  • Flying on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Friday is cheaper than weekends
  • Check the airline website for the flight fares of early-morning and late-night flights.
  • Fly a few days earlier or later than originally planned, based on the fluctuating prices of the flights available on the sites.

Browse for Flight Tickets in Stealth-mode

Do you think the flight fare changes each time you visit an airline website? This is because your browser shares your cookies that contain your search history with the air ticket booking sites you visit. When you search the same route more than one time, the websites change their ticket fare.

To avoid this, you can search for your flight ticket in an incognito window or stealth-mode. This way, your browser is unable to record your searching activities, and hence aggregator websites cannot hike their flight fare.

Keeping the points mentioned above in mind, you can now book an affordable yet comfortable flight for your journey. Remember to compare the flight fares from different websites to get the cheapest quote for your flight. It is also smart to keep checking your travel program website for any new available offers.