Best book to refer for Class 12 Maths Exams

Class 12 exams are considered one of the crucial exams in one’s life since it is the turning point for students entering into their respective careers. Class 12 lays a strong foundation for students aiming to achieve their goals. Students may find the Mathematics subject as one of the toughest subjects to score, but indeed it is one of the subjects where students can score full marks which increases their overall percentage. Students may be in a dilemma with questions like which books to refer to, how to prepare for the main exam, what type of questions arises in the exam, etc. to secure good marks in the board exams. Here is the answer to all questions for students who are confused about which book to refer from. NCERT solutions book is the best book to refer for your studies, which consists of solutions in an easily understandable manner.

Students may find few topics in Class 12 Maths challenging to understand like differential equations, trigonometric equations, integrals, etc. for such topics too; students can refer to differential equations NCERT solutions book provided here. 

Scoring in Maths subject becomes easier if students work hard and practise more number of times. Students who aim to score high marks can follow the tips and benefits of usage of NCERT textbook here.

Few benefits of using NCERT books for Class 12:

NCERT books strictly adhere to the CBSE curriculum. Questions in the board exam are usually asked from the NCERT books, so students are advised to follow these books without fail. One of the major advantages of using these books is that the concepts are explained in an easily understandable language where any student can grasp the topics at ease. Chapter integrals being a difficult concept, students can clear their doubts about any complex topics in the subject by referring to NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths Chapter 7 Integrals. Students are suggested to refer to previous year question papers since questions sometimes are repeated in the board exams. An ample number of questions are given at the end of each chapter for students to practise for their board exams. Questions sometimes are twisted and asked in the board exams; students should make a note of such questions so that it helps during revision time. Students sticking to NCERT books is the best since it follows the guidelines provided by the CBSE board itself rather than refer to any other study materials. Students can secure high marks when planned and prepared accordingly from these books.

Few tips for Preparing for Class 12 Board Exams:

Students need to plan accordingly and start preparing for the exams. Make a proper study timetable and make sure to follow the same. Students should practise regularly, which helps them in building time management skills and boosts their confidence level to achieve their goals. Students can prepare for different competitive and entrance exams which help in gaining more knowledge by referring to NCERT books. Make a note of essential formulas and derivatives which helps during revision purposes. Students who wish to secure an excellent score, then solving the NCERT Class 12 solutions is an utmost necessity. Hence, students are advised to study and practice from these books as thoroughly as possible to make their dreams come alive. 

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