How To Tell if MacBook Screen Needs Repair or Replacement

When MacBook and MacBook Pro were first released in 2008, these were the first systems that included a glass cover installed on top of the LCD screens. Since then, people were debating whether this is a good thing or not. And when owners started having issues, some are having a hard time determining if the glass cover is broken, if it’s the LCD or both. To help you out, here are various situations to help you tell the difference.

Three Different Types of MacBook Screen Damage

Before you start looking for a MacBook repair shop, it is important that you know how to differentiate what type of damage does your MacBook has. This way, you will have an idea of how much the repair or replacement is going to cost you. With MacBooks, it’s one of three scenarios – a broken glass, broken LCD screen, or both.

  • Broken Glass. This is the most common type of screen damage. Usually, the glass cover on top of the LCD screen is the one that takes the brunt and would crack with impact. The glass cover is a piece of thin glass and is placed between two layers of plastic film. That means when the glass cover breaks, you will see the screen appear to have a ‘spider web’ all over.
  • Broken LCD. One way to tell if it’s the LCD that’s broken is when the unibody glass looks okay but the screen looks as if it has ink blotches. In this case, it’s not broken glass but instead, damaged LCD. If you are not aware, LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. And the inky blotches that you are seeing when it’s broken are the actual liquid inside the display. For this damage, the macbook screen repair needed is the LCD has to be removed from the glass cover and be replaced with a new one.
  • Broken LCD Screen and Glass. And if you are unlucky enough and your MacBook has taken so much damage, then you will see both spider web cracks and inky blotches. In this case, both the LCD screen and the glass cover are damaged. And when this happens, then you will need to have both the glass and the screen replaced with a new one.

Choosing a MacBook Repair Shop

Now that you are convinced that you have one of the three MacBook screen problems mentioned above, then it is time to choose a reputable repair shop. First, you need to consider their experience. Remember that as much as possible, Apple products should be repaired by the brand experts. So a good track record surely speaks for itself.

Also, find out their area of expertise. Remember that not every computer repair company specializes in handling all brands of computers. You have to ensure that the repair company you choose specializes in Apple products. To make sure of this, read reviews online. For sure reputable companies these days have reviews from previous customers that you can find whether on their website, or independent review sites.