Importance of Spiritual Growth

While living in the world of materialism, many of us realize the innate calling of the soul- for growth, development, and happiness. It occurs many a time in life that we lose our vision and lack purpose. We strive to find the answers to questions that are put forth to us through various circumstances. It is then that we should realize that we need to move in the direction of spiritual growth.

Now some people relate spiritual growth as a boring talk of soul and its master. However, it doesn’t have to be like that! Spiritual growth should be seen as an attempt towards making a better and happier life. It is towards making your perceptions easy to fit in, making your attitude easily adjustable, making your behavior far-sighted and optimistic towards other human beings.

As we are talking about spiritual growth, we must know that there are 4 stages of spiritual growth that we should discuss. Check some of the most popular bible quotes here.

Ist stage:

This stage is like a chaos wherein there is a lack of principals, discipline and order in the process of thinking and living. People undergoing this stage usually think of their own choices and perception before anything else. They lack stability in mind and can easily mold their attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions given to the circumstances around them.

II Stage:

Through this stage, people move a step ahead towards maturity in mind. They realize that they have to follow a fundamental principle. They look for an idol to believe in, maybe God or some religion. However, they lack reasoning. They lack the power to understand why is it important to follow a law and what can be the spirit behind that law of nature or community.

III Stage:

People experiencing this stage are usually involved in their deeper self more than the previous two stages. They try to find peacefulness in social causes of support and helping other individuals. These people are stern thinkers and do not get carried away easily with the outflow of information. They take their own time and thought the process to ponder upon the things and form their collective views accordingly.

IV Stage:

This is the most elevated stage of all. People experiencing this stage gradually want to accommodate the presence of the world and circumstances around them. They tend to reach beyond through their thoughts into the uncertain world of mystery and unknown. Meditation, prayer, and reflections of thought lead to their thinking of alignment of the human body with the supreme soul.

So, these are the 4 stages of spiritual growth that take us from the path of discovery to the path of acceptance. You can assess yourself into one of these stages and having the knowledge of the critical path you are going to be at- it becomes easier to accept the struggles of mind and its perceptions. You can easily shift your dilemmas into ideals of peace and structured thoughts.

However, we must know that spiritual growth is an exclusive journey of each and every individual. So in order to connect yourself with one of the 4 stages of spiritual growth first, you need to see within and find out how deeply are you involved with your higher self. This journey can be long, but with a clear vision, it is endearing. Click here for more information.