Importance of The Essay Test Series in IAS Exams

IAS is one of the most popular and challenging exams in India. It belongs to Group A of the central officials of the Government of India. As with any public official, you should prepare for the CSE conducted by UPSC. This will meet with IAS executives.

How to write an essay for the CSE exam

For CSE essay papers, two essays must be completed within 3 hours. Here, the maximum number of words is 1000-1200. Each essay contains 125 marks, for a total of 250 marks.

An essay is divided into two sections, A and B, each choosing from four articles. Students only need to choose one essay from each section.

What is essay writing in UPSC?

While the UPSC GS papers are designed to test knowledge on various topics, the essay papers emphasize the student’s thinking process. A series of interconnected ideas and theories, when expressed in words, give ideas about an individual. According to MH Adams, “an essay is a short prose composition that promises to discuss topics, express points of view, and persuade us to accept messages on any topic.” The focus is on official essays, not unofficial ones, including factual items, government citation statistics, development reports, etc.

Function for teachers to check-in students while they work on UPSC papers

  • The process of thinking about important issues
  • Clarity of thought
  • The capability to describe your point of view
  • The ability to stay consistent
  • Briefly express your thoughts
  • The ability to find solutions to various crises
  • Create and place data in an organized way

Importance of the essay test series in current settings

Evaluation of preparation: A series of offline or online Essay test series UPSC are a great way to explain progress and preparation. It provides you with a specific goal at a particular time. It also helps you evaluate the strong and weak areas based on your score and your competitors’ ranking.

To get familiar with the trend: Each test contains patterns that generally present topics and questions. The essay tests series like sociology test series should give a general idea of ​​the difficulty of the test and provide a high priority to the topic in which it is included. The more often you take the exam, the more you will adapt to the pattern.

Increase the speed: Rigorous tests like UPSC require quick decisions. Choosing the right questions and giving them the right time can help you avoid a disaster. The essay test series help speed up your writing and gives you time for additional revisions. It also tells you how much time you can spend on a specific question.

Be confident: The best way to do such a test is to be calm and confident. By practicing writing an essay during the essay test series, you will gain confidence in understanding the topic. It also helps to collect more profound concepts on your topic. Therefore, even indirect questions can be solved efficiently.

To sharpen memory:  As teachers say, revision is vital. Through the essay test series, you can perform more and more revisions. You can test how much information you retain while writing your essay and how high your imagination can run. Sharpen your memory of live themes, patterns, shapes, keywords, and more.


Therefore, you must participate in a series of tests to gain an advantage over your competitors or increase your UPSC readiness by one level. It can be offline or online. Frequently writing 1000-2000 words will boost your confidence, peace of mind and position yourself above your competition.

Last but not least, all candidates preparing for Civil services exam, after completing their IAS coaching in Delhi enrolls in test series. It is one of the compulsory parts of UPSC preparation, so don’t take it lightly; be serious.