Unique School Fundraisers

Most principals think fundraising is a big deal or it is difficult to organize. Well, that is not true as fundraising events are pretty easy and simple to organize. They are also fun and help to contribute to the finances of the school. They also give the students the ability to inculcate certain values which become useful to them as they grow up.

School principals should bear in mind that fundraising is not a burden. With the right planning, support from staff and students, as well as some help from Fundraising Zone it generally becomes very easy.

However, so many schools are into fundraising and are using the same fundraising ideas which the kids may get tired of. They need innovations and creations, new thoughts and creativity, new ideas and actions. This is why you need to come up with a unique fundraiser to attract your students. In fact, it will also capture the attention of your donors, captivate them and compel them to donate.

Well, how do you come up with these unique fundraisers? You just need to know what works for your students, what they are interested in, and most probably, what works for you too. If you still have no idea, here are some unique school fundraisers for you to choose from:

  • A text-to-give campaign: This form is unique as most people do not use it. You do this by simply letting the donors give or donate from their phones. You can create a particular fundraising phone number or provide a link that will direct the donor to a mobile donation page. This idea is generally easy and cheap too, as you do not have to break the bank to set it up.
  • Board Game Tournament: You can also set up a board game tournament. Most students love to play board games and they would be excited to play it as a competition, especially when there is a prize attached for the winner. You can tell them to pay a registration fee to enable them to participate with other students. These games could be Chess, Monopoly, Checkers, Scrabble, and so on. The viewers could also pay a fee to watch the competitors.
  • Battle of the Bands: This is a great way to raise funds for your school. It is a kind of music competition where different bands in the school compete with each other to know the best band. You can organize a battle of the bands and let the bands sign-up for it with a fee. The rest of the school could also pay a gate pass to watch the bands compete.
  • Fashion Show: Not all schools do this and this makes it very unique. You can choose a day and host a fashion show at your school. You need to give it a catchy title to compel the students to participate. Of course, they would love to show off their clothes and so they will pay a fee to participate. Other students can pay to watch the show too.
  • Video Game Tournament: Almost all boys love video games, girls inclusive. This is a way of getting their attention. Video games are games played with tact, and it helps to sharpen the minds of your students, which makes it a very good idea. You can let them play video games like Super Mario, Mario Kart, Sonic, and so on. You can slow place a prize for the winner if you so choose.
  • Host a 5k Race: This one is fun too, as it helps the students to exercise themselves. You can set up the race and tell the students to pay to participate as a sort of registration fee. You can also get local sponsors to support the race.
  • Tennis Tournament: Boys and girls alike love sports, including tennis. Make a difference by setting up a tennis tournament for the students. The students who are interesting in participating in the tournament can pay a registration fee while other students will pay to watch them. Include a prize for the winner to attract the students.

You can use these few unique school fundraisers to get the attention of your students. They are worth trying because you will have a lot to gain. The proceeds can then be used to improve your school’s infrastructural facilities and build your school as a whole.