What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying in Poland?

Student life is a very special phase in human life cycle. Poland education body offers several course programs to international students as well as numerous development opportunities. International students pursuing higher studies, research or professional and skilling courses can get work permit visas. A work permit can be part-time and full time depending upon the course.

Students can also apply for post studies visa with work permit when their programs near completion. Placement offers are good for students of Poland Universities, in Poland as well as off-shores. Apart from work opportunities students can also avail scholarships on merit scores.

Advantages of studying in Poland Universities

The advantages of studying in Universities in Poland outweigh the disadvantages. Poland a country located in central Europe offers vast scope for students to carve out their lives.

Low cost high quality education

Many students from neighboring countries and afar come to study in Poland because the education system of the country offers low cost high quality education. As compared to other European nations like Great Britain, Germany and France, students find staying in Poland much cheaper.

Education fee in Poland varies according to course. On the average one time admission fee in Poland is 200 €. The annual/semi-annual tuition fee is between 2000-4000 €.

Low cost high quality living

Students enjoy a high quality and low cost of living years in Poland. The grocery quality of Poland is known to be the finest in Europe. When compared to five major European higher education destinations, cost of living in Poland works out to be least in most parameters:

Cost of one room apartment set: In Poland cost of an apartment is cheapest at 350 €. In UK it is highest at 780 €. In Sweden a one room apartment set costs around 670 €. In Germany and Czech Republic it is 530 € and 365 € respectively.

Cost of a meal (3 meals, 2 people): Poland and Czech Republic are cheapest on this parameter, the cost is around 25 €. In UK, Germany and Sweden the same is 48, 40 and 56 euros respectively.

Cost of public transport (one way ticket): Again Poland stands cheapest on this criterion at .75 €, while Sweden has the highest cost of transport at 2.75 €. In UK, Germany and Czech Republic the same is 2.5, 2.4 and 1.00 euros respectively.

In Poland students can enjoy during off days. Movie tickets, entertainment and outing costs are lowest in Poland among these five countries. Poland has a beautiful and safe outdoor life and multitudes of sightseeing and recreation attractions.

Geographical location

Poland lies in Central Europe and is bordered by Baltic Sea and countries including Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany. Poland is well connected by all transport means. Study and project excursions to other countries are economic and without hassles.

Wide choice of course languages

International students can opt for courses taught in English as well as European languages like Polish, French and German.

Wide choice of course programs

Poland has 450+ institutes that offer higher education courses. Students can pursue higher education in medicine, agriculture, technology, economics, music and fine arts streams. All diploma, degrees and educational certificates issued by recognized Universities in Poland are valid throughout Europe and other parts of the world.

Are there any disadvantages of studying in Poland?

It can be a little bit cold for students who come from Mediterranean parts of the continent and warmer climates. The summer temperatures range between 11°C to 22°C, whereas the winter temperatures range from -1°C to -5°C. Students from English speaking countries may have difficulty with local people and with the accent spoken at the universities.

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