Why is it necessary to take an online teacher training course after pandemic

The current education system of Bangladesh does not provide equal opportunities for students. There is an urgent need for a change of mindset of the teachers. Hence, it is mandatory to develop a model teacher training program with international collaboration, which can supplement the national education policy 2021 – A model curriculum and training program will provide necessary knowledge and skills to enhance their confidence level to help the teaching profession become attractive. Course duration is 2 yrs. The maximum number of students’ slots is 5. Having a fresh outlook on increasing the quality of education by developing all teachers’ competencies. Being able to identify and apply practical teaching methods that meet the requirements of any new development in research and technology. National Education Policy 2021

To ensure the participation of teachers in the formal program of teacher education, the online teacher training course is a part of the program. If you are a teacher, then there is no need to wonder about its necessity. If not then this course will give you an insight into the important matters regarding our education system. It would also tell you how the crucial issues would be resolved when we come to 2021. Taking a teacher training course will help you increase understanding of global education philosophy and implementation, as well as upgrade the quality of your teaching. It is also an efficient method to share knowledge and experiences with other teachers. Educators at different levels and with rich experience are invited to communicate in a face-to-face way through the teacher training program, thus promoting the development of spreading innovation.

Education is one of the fundamental rights of people, and the primary step for a country to develop its economy and society. In the 1980s, education accounted for 5% of GDP in Ethiopia, however, in recent years it is declining. The illiteracy rate is one of the important problems in Ethiopia; about 40% of people are illiterate in Amhara and Oromia region and 77% in the SNNP region. Federal policy No. 9/136/EEC from 2013 mentioned eliminating institutional poverty by 2020 with free education up to grade 12 (High school). Free High school education will be provided according to the quota assigned by the Ministry of Education and Science technology subject to the availability of funds which is currently estimated at around 8 billion birrs (US$ 259 million) annually. However, teacher training institutions have different methods of teaching so students may learn how to teach students without efficiency but with variety. Therefore, Only qualified teachers can decrease the illiteracy rate effectively by standardizing their teaching practices, integrating all teachers (government and Non-government) into one system, developing quality teaching materials, training all teachers based on the national curriculum so they can teach more efficiently with fewer teacher absenteeism.

On completion of the online teacher training course, students will be taught to recognize the signs of a pandemic and how to combat it. This will aid in developing a workplace program that can help prevent employee absenteeism due to illness during such an outbreak. Teacher training is a type of instruction designed exclusively for teachers. While some teacher training programs are offered by colleges and universities, they may also be offered by school districts or other organizations that specialize in educating teachers. These teacher training programs aim to prepare teachers to be able to provide the highest quality education for the students of the community that hired them.

The urgent need for high-quality teacher training An estimated 3.1 million teachers will be needed to meet the demands of teacher training from 2014 to 2022. The U.S. Department of Education released a report in December 2013 titled “Preparing School Leaders for Success”, which highlights the importance of effective Professional Development (PD) as a critical part of improving teacher effectiveness, while President Obama’s Race to the Top has emphasized statutory requirements for new teachers to take PD and annunciated an unprecedented emphasis on the importance of teacher quality. 

However, current funding levels and inadequate accountability procedures fall far short of achieving these goals and make it uncontrollable to come up with solutions that would effectively recruit and train a sufficient number of competent teachers to fill this gap in American schools. The primary reason why more schools do not offer comprehensive teacher training is that they do not have qualified trainers who are ready to train teachers consistently, simply because most online PD is still done by unqualified faculty determined by school districts. And those off-the-cuff PowerPoint presentations or unstructured webinars cannot even come close to delivering the degree or quality of learning required to develop a strong teaching foundation for new educators, who need both forms. This course focuses on how to teach online, from lesson planning to management, and stresses the importance of online groups.

National education policy 2021 is the vision of the prime minister of Pakistan. The main goal of this policy is to implement the online teacher training course. By this, students will get information about their teachers and schools by using web resources. The National Education policy 2021 is aimed to improve education standards, remove regional imbalances and introduce a new system of teacher appraisal, among other things. The government proposes a training mission with four phases starting in January 2020 following the recommendations and propositions of the committee on teacher training set up by the secretary of state for education.

The National Education Policy outlined that every teacher has to spend 3% of his/her time conducting online teaching training courses. The online teacher training course is conducted by the teachers themselves by following the guidelines and recommendations provided by an education regulator. For the educators taking up the task of developing or setting up the guidelines for it, we provide them with our best Online Teacher Training Course for preparing an effective and efficient curriculum with zero cost to you.

Education is a basic human right and support for it should be a global responsibility. One of the key goals in handing over education responsibilities from the states to the center was to provide equal opportunities for all citizens. National Education Policy 2021 underscores the same goal by providing equal access to education for all children learning in their mother tongue as the prime medium of instruction. Besides, various governments have tried to implement various methods to lessen the gap between rural and urban areas. However, the variation in quality remains a big concern.

The reasons for a study of this kind, it is necessary to take a training course on going to school because the number of children who graduate from four years in schools is still too few. That’s why it is necessary to discuss educational policy which should be predicted in 20 years. This study includes an overview of how RTP will develop after a 20-year education policy and the public discussion in 2010-2011 with an analysis of the results of that debate to obtain an understanding of what happened, so the data has been analyzed by myself.

The main reason for the rampant use of technology, government policies, and imposition of learning in the classroom is because there is still a notion among many teachers that computers in learning cannot replace teachers. This has made several teachers who profess to be teachers and not facilitators of learning passively. Such sentiments are groundless, outdated, and would block the road to one goal in education.

This online course presents the importance of making objectives and standards clear in the classroom. It offers the opportunity to build a solid foundation of teaching with five integrated courses. Learn different pedagogical approaches and methodology with help of this course. Become a well-trained professional teacher who can design individualized lesson plans to increase student learning, presentation skills, and guided practice sessions that help students develop thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and communications skills.

In the training course, students will have a clear idea of how to adjust the classroom teaching with the characteristics of different learners, think about their difficulties in learning, and try to help them overcome them. The purpose is for training teachers to focus on inquiry-based instruction, which is based on constructivist and active learning theories. The essential training is required to revolutionize the way teachers teach. Consequently, schools will turn away from the current teaching methods and adopt new pedagogical models that are more student-centered and innovative.