4 Aesthetic Pine Forests in Indonesia  


Pine trees are trees that usually exist in cold places. The hallmark of this pine tree forest is that it has a towering height, but the shape of the trunk is very slender. As for Indonesia, pine tree forest has become a natural tourist destination.

The Indonesian government uses pine tree tourism as an alternative to developing tourism. Joining on a pine tree tour is a brilliant idea because you can enjoy the coolness of the shady trees.

Pine Forest in Indonesia

Entering the pine forest area, you will face a beautiful view of towering trees. This place is perfect for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. This pine tree tour also provides a variety of exciting photo spots.

  • The Lodge Maribaya Bandung Pine Forest

If you are visiting Bandung, don’t forget to stop by The Lodge Maribaya in the Lembang area. This well-known tourist destination in Bandung is at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level, surrounded by thousands of pine trees.

The hallmark of The Lodge Maribaya is the cliff of the palace, which provides many extreme rides such as hanging bicycles, sky wings, and sky trees. If you want to linger there, you can rent a spot in an available glamping.

  • Mangunan Yogyakarta Pine Forest

Move to Central Java which also has pine forests in Yogyakarta. This Mangunan Pine Forest location in the Dlingo area, Bantul, Yogyakarta, is a hit place among tourists. Many exciting photo spots, such as circular chairs made of pine.

Going here is like exploring two islands at once, you can also stop by Panguk Kediwung Hill, which is still in the exact location of the Mangunan Pine Forest.

  • Mount Pancar Bogor

Are you looking for a place for pre-wedding photos in Bogor with pine trees in the background? You can visit Mount Pancar. Not only for pre-wedding pictures, camping, or picnics with the family.

The location is not far from Sentul Cultural Park, with super beautiful views and incredible air. There are several supporting facilities at Mount Pancar, such as flying foxes, paintballs, hammocks, and hot springs. If you are curious and want to see firsthand how beautiful it is, you can directly visit the location in Babakan Madang, Bogor, West Java.

  • Malino Gowa Pine Forest

Next stop is Gowa, which also has a pine forest called Malino Forest. This pine forest also has another name, the Tinggimoncong Pine Forest in South Sulawesi. Judging from the picture, the atmosphere in this pine forest is very serene and peaceful. Perfect for those who want to get rid of fatigue after doing daily routines. Not only that, but you can also enjoy the sound of the Takapala Waterfall located not far from there.

Want to visit the pine forests above? If you depart from abroad, you have the option to fly to Bali first via Bali International Airport Ngurah Rai. Then you can continue your journey to the location of the pine forest.