4 Data Security Measures No Company can Survive Without

Data security should be a matter of concern for every kind of business. When you keep an eye on all the data you have stored digitally, ranging from financial records to customer data, it is easy to become a target for hackers. Hence, every business, no matter how small or large, needs to pay heed to some security measures to stay safe from security breach. We have listed the mandatory ones every company should pay heed to.

Strong passwords are a must

Using strong passwords is the simplest step to take for strengthening your security. Always use a special combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, symbols etc. to create a long and strong password. Never integrate any kind of personal information in the password like your DOB or common words spelt backwards, or sequences of numbers which are easy to guess. Make the most of the convenient password checkers from validating the strength of your password. You should change your password in every 90 days or earlier if you think that your data is quite sensitive in nature. Also ensure that every employee in your company have their own separate login credentials no matter if it is a desktop or a Content Management System. Never write your password anywhere and never use one shared password.

Always keep your firewall on at all times

To have your network properly secured, you must, by all means, keep your firewalls on. This helps in protecting your network by controlling the incoming and outgoing traffic of your business.

Install the best antivirus protection program

Antivirus protection programs are the must when it comes to the data security arsenal. They are deemed the last line of defense if your system is attacked unexpectedly.

Keep the programs up to date on a regular basis

Ensuring that your system is properly up to date and patched is an essential data protection measure. There is no point in installing these programs when you are unable to maintain it well. Your data protection programs work well when you keep them updated. Not every application is 100 percent fool proof, hence, always keep them updated to keep everything safe. When you keep your software updated, you also stay updated on any issues or holes that the developers have fixed.

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