4 Majestic Places to Visit in Medan, Read Carefully!

 Discover a new side of Indonesia which you have never noticed before! Explore Medan. Known for commerce business and its diversity, Medan can be an oasis for travellers that are currently looking for experiences.

Bukit Paropo Silalahi

Bukit Paropo is a tourist attraction where the grassy green hillsides meet with the many shades of blue of the waters below. Instead of salty seawater, Bukit Paropo” beach” faces the attractiveness of freshwater Lake Toba. Although Bukit Paropo is now becoming increasingly popular with local tourists, you have about 28 kilometres of “beach” to relish. So find your place, and you feel as though you own the place! Isn’t this a piece of heaven?

Bukit Indah Simarjarunjung

Bukit Indah has turned into among the very photograph destinations in the region, with two or three exceptional platforms overlooking Lake Toba. Snap your Instagrammable shots onto a hand or centre, or a hot air balloon system dangled over the beauty in the heavens. Take the treehouse swing, if you are brave enough!

The best times to go to Bukit Indah are in the evenings and the mornings. During those occasions, you will have an opportunity and lighting for photography. Remember the weather changes rapidly, and also it is cooler up there, so make sure you bring a coat!

Trio of Waterfalls : Sampuren Putih, Dua Warna Waterfall, and Simangande Waterfall

  • Sampuren Putih

Sampuren Putih is a seven-storey waterfall, with a height of 150 metres, as the name implies. Because at ground level, you may find the last of those seven storeys, the waterfall is a bit of a tease. You must climb up the hot stone and forest terrain to view the other six levels.

You can enjoy the single waterfall view if you are not up for climbing up the cliffside. The pool is thought to have its own properties to be sulphurous, so as you take and soak in the beauty around you, your skin will thank for the sulphur bath.

  • Dua Warna Waterfall

This could be among the most intriguing waterfalls on the planet. The Dua Warna Waterfall comprises two layers of colour — whereas the water is light blue, the water beneath is white-grey. Both the colour and the temperature diverge. It is possible to hope that the water will become warmer – what a phenomenon! The waterfall is at an elevation of 1,400 metres above sea level. You might think as you are in another world entirely, as a high-altitude forest surrounds it.

  • Simangande Waterfall

As you stand before the majestic waterfall, you might begin to get the feeling that love is in the atmosphere. What’s more, on the eastern horizon, you will be banging a majestic view if you come to observe the sunrise! Take note that the waterfall only flows during the rainy season.

Wampu River

Rafting Sungai Wampu down is a unique experience. As you traverse the river down, you’ll find a glimpse of wildlife, experience waterfalls, and rapids along with the river valley. Can not that be an exhilarating and unforgettable experience?

The guides that are rafting can not assure you won’t become wet, but they can make sure you are going to have fun! For your work, reward yourself at the end of excursion in one of the most excellent ways!

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