4 Social Media Tips For Entertainers by Sumo Entertainment JD3

According to Sumo Entertainment JD3, social media is important for entertainers to build a fan base. This is probably why entertainers were the first to embrace social media to communicate with their fans. Here are 4 social media tips for entertainers:

Choose quality over quantity- Instead of having a bunch of social media platforms with crappy status updates and a mediocre presence, try starting with just a few platforms. It’s better to have a strong presence on just one or two sites. Find the platform that better fits your social network; comedians do well on Twitter, while photographers might opt for Facebook or even Instagram.

Do your research- It is important to know your audience. Different social networks might be popular amongst different groups. Take some time to research your target audience’s demographics to figure out which social network is best for you.

Set realistic goals- Make sure to pay attention to analytics. Are your posts getting enough follower engagement? What type of posts get the most likes or shares? There are some tools out there can help you with this; Google Analytics, Followerwonk, Brandwatch, Moz and Hootsuite are just a few.

Share high quality photos and videos- high quality videos and photos will give your profile the professional touch it needs. Share top notch media files.

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