5 Ways to Use Your Travel Photographs in Your Home

If you love to travel and take photographs, you’ll need a way to share your experiences with people through means other than your average social media post. After all, you’ve spent the majority of your time darting from one place to another in pursuit of adventure. You should have a way to make your greatest memories a part of your everyday. Through creative decorating, you can transform your home into a place filled with reminders of your favorite places to visit and things to do while away from home.

Five ways to use your travel photographs in your home are listed below for you to reference. Each offers you an extraordinary way to display and remember your favorite trips vividly. It also gives you ideas on how to best showcase holiday photo cards sent to you by family and friends who also want to share their travel experiences with others.

Photo Book

Instead of investing in coffee table books filled with other people’s photos, why not create your own? There is no better way to celebrate your travel adventures than through the pictures that you’ve taken. Instantly be transported back to a time and place when you felt your happiest. A photo book from Mixbook with your photographs in it makes the perfect souvenir from your trip.


Create a year’s worth of memories with a single item. Everyone needs a wall calendar to hang in their home. Make yours extra special by choosing the twelve photographs from your trips that you love most. Put them into calendar format and relive the experiences you had while you were traveling the globe. You’ve got a way to show off twelve incredible adventures in a single item.


How many travel posters have you bought in the past and displayed throughout your home? If you’re used to showing off other people’s photography, why not pay tribute to your skills and experience as a photographer? Choose a photo that you love, and that was taken by you, frame it, and make it the focal point of a wall. You’ll get bonus points if the picture includes you and your family in it.

Canvas Print

If you like the look of fine art on wrapped canvases, you’ll love what a canvas print does for your home. You can take some of the best photos you’ve taken throughout the years and have them printed onto canvas. You can then arrange the pictures throughout your home in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Canvases can be arranged in rows, shapes, and even abstractly on a wall in a way that complements the furniture and décor you have picked out for the space.

Acrylic Block

An acrylic block is a unique and playful way to display photos. The picture is encased in the transparent material and stands upright without being in a frame. It’s a permanent way to display photos and can even be used to hold up travel-themed holiday photo cards from family and friends who opt to send them to you. Arranged on a shelf or mantle, they make a beautiful display.

Experiment with different combinations of ways to share your travel experiences throughout your home. You’re sure to create a place full of warmth, excitement, and fond reminders of the places you’ve traveled to and the people you met along the way.