6 Delicious Foods You Must Try When Visiting Likupang

Many destinations are waiting to be explored, including Likupang. Likupang is a super priority destination located in North Sulawesi, not only suitable for those of you who want to see the beach. But Likupang is also suitable for culinary tourism enthusiasts. There are a variety of delicious foods that are ready to shake the tongue. If you are confused about which one to try first, please check  the following recommendations.

  • Tinutuan Porridge

Tinutuan porridge is a typical food synonymous with North Sulawesi cuisine, where there are people who call this porridge Manado porridge. However, this porridge is not only available in Manado. But there are also other areas in North Sulawesi, including Likupang.

In one serving of tinutuan porridge, you do not just get porridge. But also a variety of fresh vegetables such as kale, spinach, basil, corn kernels, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. As a complement, usually added chopped skipjack or beef sprinkled on top of the porridge.

  • Goroho Banana and Roa Sambal (Chili)

For those who do not like to eat porridge in the morning, you can try a lighter breakfast — goroho bananas dipped in roa chili. This goroho banana is different from bananas in general. Because this type of banana only grows in North Sulawesi. The shape is long and slender, and is processed by thinly sliced ​​​​and then fried. However, some are fried in flour, with a texture similar to banana chips but eaten with chili sauce. As a companion to the goroho banana and sambal roa, local people usually brew a cup of coffee or tea.

  • Panada

Culinary tourism that you need to try next is Panada. At first glance, the shape of the Panda is similar to pastels. However, in reality they are two different snacks. Panada is a deep-fried bread filled with tuna that has been shredded into small pieces. The skipjack tuna is also seasoned with shallots, chilies, basil, scallions, and lime leaves. Not only as a menu item for breakfast, because pandanus can also be used as a snack in the afternoon.

  • Lalampa

Lalampa is one more typical food of North Sulawesi that uses skipjack tuna as an ingredient to process it. Lalampa is similar to lemper in Java. Both are made of sticky rice and wrapped with banana leaves. However, several things distinguish it, namely the stuffing of lalampa in the form of skipjack tuna. Another difference is, lalampa must also be burned after steaming. When burned, the lalampa will be smeared with vegetable oil first so that the aroma and taste will be stronger. Local people like to enjoy lalampa which is served warm as a light snack when drinking tea in the afternoon.

  • Cakalang Fufu

Culinary tourism in Likupang feels incomplete if you haven’t tried spicy food, that is cakalang fufu. For this menu, cakalang tuna is processed by splitting it in half, covered with spices, then smoked for about four hours. To consume cakalang fufu, you only need to heat it up or fry it for a while and eat it immediately with warm rice and dabu-dabu chili.

  • Binte Biluhuta

The last typical food in Likupang is binte biluhuta or it can be roughly interpreted as watered corn. This menu is made of corn, chili, tomatoes, dried shrimp, grated coconut, and orange juice. So it produces a spicy, sweet, and savory taste mixed into one. Do not worry, because when you are in Likupang, binte biluhuta will not be hard to find.

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Likupang by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.