A Brief History to Boerboel

Some people state that finding a dog is best from a country of origin. They think these dogs are more authentic than others, but that is not the case.

It is challenging to find it from South Africa when it comes to Boerboel because there is no organization for breeding similarly as in other areas. 

It is important to check here, which will provide you an efficient perspective of South African mastiff. 

Still, you should remember the origins and history of Boerboels, which will provide you an insight on them. 

Boerboel Origins 

It is essential to learn more about historical significance and origins before you make up your mind. 

The Boers are Dutch colonist descendants that came in the early 17th century. Generally, it is known as the South African mastiff. On the other hand, Boer means farmer, while boel is a name for large dogs such as mastiff.

When it comes to ancestors, we must state the first settlers in southern Africa. The primary instance is Jan van Riebeeck that arrives in the mid-17th century who founded the Dutch colony in Southern Africa. 

At the same time, he brought Bullenbeisser or bull biters, which are currently extinct but were responsible for creating a Boxer breed. A few centuries later, DeBeers imported the first Bullmastiffs to protect diamond mines.

Therefore, Bullmastiffs influenced the existence of Boerboels due to tremendous bone, blocky and ample head, and traditional patterns and colors.

The imports of Bullmastiff that happened in the mid-20th century in combination with longer-legged Bulldogs brought the appearance of Boerboels. 

Generally, South African mastiffs are bulkier than Bullmastiffs, which means they are forty percent Bulldog and sixty percent Mastiff.

Still, their distinctive appearance is closer to Bulldogs than mastiffs, which is an important consideration to remember.

Protection Dog for Various Purposes

Even though we have mentioned Bulldogs, Boerboels are highly athletic compared with their descendants. Since life in South Africa was dangerous for both dogs and people, the things required protection.

Remember that Boerboels are distant cousins of the Rhodesian Ridgeback, which means they are more protective than other options, especially if you call them on the hunt.

These two breeds feature various trajectories due to the different jobs they handled. The Ridgeback was part of British-controlled Rhodesia, while in the early 20th century, it became standard breed.

However, Boer farmers were focused on guarding their families, and farms more than the British in Rhodesia did.

Similarly, as other breeds are used for protection purposes, South African mastiffs can be highly intolerant of strangers. They can be aggressive to same-sex canines. Some countries have banned Boerboel breed due to aggressiveness, including Singapore and Denmark. However, everything depends on the nurturing and socializing processes. 

The main idea is to properly control and socialize the dog to ensure that everything goes okay. It is not a breed weak-willed and inexperienced owners should have, which is an important consideration to remember.

Recognizing and Standardizing a Breed

When it comes to South African options, you should know that Boerboels became the essential aspect that helped people for centuries. Besides, they survived severe and problematic times and procreated themselves. 

However, everything changed at the beginning of the eighties of the previous century, when a movement decided to organize South African mastiff as a bonafide breed.

Their popularity in the US reached its highest point in the early 21st century. It happened when the AKC created ranks and officially recognized them. 

However, their popularity had a wrong side. Some breeders started producing them through crossbreeds with Neapolitan Mastiffs and black Labs, which created incorrect colors such as black in these dogs.

Crossbreeding lead to chaos, which created considerable disagreement and fracture of clubs. We recommend you to visit this link: to learn more about different low energy dog breeds. 

Final Word

It is vital to remember that they are prevalent in the US, and the American Boerboel Club reached a high position compared with other options you can find on the market.

The main goal is to find the ones that feature patterns and colors, including cream, fawn, reddish-brown, brown, or red. 

At the same time, the integrity of pedigrees is crucial because you must get proper certification and documents to ensure you find the best option available on the market.