A Few Reasons for Installing Bamboo Flooring

If you are considering new flooring, then you may also go for bamboo flooring for your house. This is quite a durable, sustainable, and also affordable flooring option. Nowadays, bamboo flooring is also becoming popular among various homeowners in Australia.

What are bamboo floors?

Bamboo is a kind of flooring material, which needs just 3 years for reaching full growth/maturity, thus making it a very sustainable option. You will get an almost similar look like wood. There are several benefits of choosing any bamboo floor over any other type of floor coverings.

Some of the benefits offered by bamboo flooring are:

  • It is eco-friendly

The most important benefit of installing any bamboo flooring in the home is, it is quite environmentallyfriendly. As compared to any other flooring choices available withany flooring company like 689 Pty Ltd, the process for creating bamboo hardwood floors will not produce any chemical emissions.

  • Installation is quite hassle-free

It is very easy and fast in installing bamboo flooring hence mostly liked by those who prefer flooring installationin a DIY way. Bamboo flooring can always be installed over any existing flooring type and save a lot of your time and expense.

  • Available in several styles

Actually, bamboo floor materials are available in several different styles. Carbonizingany bamboo will make it change colour without applying any chemical-based finishes.

  • Moisture resistant

Bamboo flooring is an ideal choice for humid climates. Bamboo as any flooring material will be extremely water-resistant. In most cases, also, it is available in pre-finished so not susceptible to staining, warping, or any other water damage.

  • Stress-free maintenance

Bamboo flooring will be very easy to maintain. No waxing or refinishing will be needed. All that you must do is simply vacuum, mop, or sweep, which will be more than sufficient to sustain such a floor and also retain its beauty for many years.

  • Can reduce airborne allergens

Bamboo will never trap any dust or mites, hence is a great choice for those who have any allergy issues.  Bamboo flooring will be smooth and also synthetic fibre-free.

  • More cost-effective

Bamboo flooring will be less expensive than any other option, are available in several range of colours, and will be the smartest choice for your home. You can easily install them on any other type of sub-floors while renovating your home.

  • Easy to refinish

You can refinishyour bamboo flooring through floor sanding and polishing on its top layers and then you can apply a new sealant layer. If your floor ever gets scratched or discoloured, then homeowners can remove the present finishing coat and reapply a fresh coat to its surface.

  1. Effective thermal insulator and noise buffer

Because of its density, it will offer a quiet floor while walking on the floor.  Bamboo flooring will also insulate the house through the winter and summer.

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