Addham is an anthology web series streaming on Aha

Watching a show on television is traditional. With digitalization, things and the modes of entertainment have changed their shapes. People are not getting enough time to sit back and relax while watching their favorite film or show. It is very difficult for those who are working for them to be in front of the television when their show is on. Thus, some hurdles kept people away from their entertainment sources. Then different platforms came, and it gave ease to the audiences. Firstly these platforms have only Hindi or English language content such as web series and films. They enjoyed a dominant position in the entertainment market. What about regional language content or platforms?

Aha was a big relief to the regional language viewers. This platform was launched exclusively for Telugu films and web series lovers. The Telugu film industry is continuously producing different genre films and web series. These films are channelized through Aha, and therefore it has become a one-stop solution for the filmmakers and the audience. One of the genres loved by the audience is the anthology web series. The specialty of such a web series is that if you watch even one part of the series, you can know the story of the series. With so many twists and turns, they are very engaging. One of the web series streaming on th Aha OTT platform is Addham.

About the web series Addham

Addham is an anthology web series directed by BarathNeelakantan, Sarjun KM, and Siva Ananth. The series is Co-produced by Sujatha Narayanan and E S Devasena. It comprises three episodes. The music is composed by K.S. Sundaramurthy. Prasanna, AbhiramiVenkatachalam, PavithraMarimuthu, Jayaprakash, Praveen, Kishore, VaralaxmiSarathkumar are the star cast of the web series. The series consists of three different stories. The first story is of a lorry driver (Jaya Prakash), his wife (Rohini), and a young boy. It deals with the tragic turns of the road trip. The second series describes a prosperous man (Prasanna) who is unhappy with his wife and hires a call girl. The last story is about a mental health professional (VaralakshmiSarath Kumar) and a patient (Kishore Kumar). The patient shares the guilt of a hit-and-run case. All the stories are gripping and based on morality. The performances of the actors are outstanding, and they justify the roles. The ideas of the stories are executed very beautifully, and it gives a message to the viewers at the end.

If you love to watch anthology web series, addham web series onlineis available on Aha. Once you watch the first story, you will feel like watching the next also and there are many Telugu webseries online. Aha works as the best platform to enjoy different genre films and web series. It has so many features such as H.D picture quality and good sound. Not only this, you will get a complete package of entertainment throughout the year at a much discounted rate. So, hurry and unlock the box of entertainment.