Are You a Nature Lover? Don’t Miss These Wonderful Natural Places Near Bangalore

There is nothing quite like being out in the open and breathing the fresh air of the outside. It is always a welcome break from being stuck behind your laptop, both at home and at work. The fast-paced life of the city can be stressful and can start taking a toll on one’s health, if a timely break is not taken. Bangalore city is known for its great weather but one still wishes to spend some relaxing moments in nature’s lap. The next time you have an extended weekend coming up, do not forget to shut off your laptop, take a break for yourself and visit one of these top nature places in Bangalore and around it.

  • Agumbe: this place is known for its natural splendour, rich biodiversity and numerous waterfalls and rightfully called the “Cherrapunji of the South”. There are numerous trekking trails in the lush green forests of Agumbe, which makes it a natural habitat of rare and exotic biodiversity. It also receives the highest rainfall in the state of Karnataka and has many waterfalls like Onake Abbi, Jogi Gundi falls, and Barkana falls which transform unto thunderous marvels during the monsoons.
  • Nandi Hills: one of the most popular getaway destinations close to Bangalore, this place represents natural beauty in its purest form all through the year. During the monsoons, the rain transforms it into the splendour of nature and makes it a must visit for adventure activities like cycling and trekking or just being out in nature. It was once the retreat of Tipu Sultan because of its spellbinding vistas and the breath-taking sunrises and sunsets. There are a number of Nandi Hill Resorts like Discovery Village which makes for a great place to stay. It is equipped with all the modern-day facilities and has a multitude of activities like yoga, trekking, cycling and mountain climbing among others to choose from.
  • Bannerghatta National Park – located a little bit of a distance from the centre of the city, this national park is perfect for wildlife enthusiasts of all ages. It is home to lions, tigers, elephants, leopards and deer among other animals. It also has safaris for the ones who want to get a little closer to the animals. Besides this, it also houses a butterfly park making it the great place to spend an entire day with the family, especially if you have kids.
  • Wayanad: A nature lover’s paradise, this place is just a few hours away from Bangalore and is nestled in the quiet corners of the Western Ghats making it the perfect destination of pristine forests with some breath-taking view. You can visit the serene Kuruva Island on an off-stream of the Kaveri River. A must visit for all tourists is the Banasure Sagar Dam, with its crystal blue waters. Another top place to visit is the Wayanad Wildlife sanctuary, which is home to the Indian tiger, bison, elephants, a large variety of birds and deer. Another place to visit is the Edakkal cave and if you are in the mood for some trekking then visit the Neelimala hill for some adventure.
  • Kodiakanal: Kodaikanal attracts many tourists from all corners of the world, and continues to be one of the most popular hill stations of South India. The pristine mountain air re-energises all visitors and allows them to appreciate the beautiful surroundings. The Silent Valley and the Shanti Valley are the must visit places for all nature lovers. Walking through the towering pine groves is a memorable experience worth your time in Kodaikanal. The Kodia Lake is a splendid site, as it is fed by waterfalls from the surrounding hills and is encompassed in shades of blue and green wonders. You can visit several of the beautiful parks to see rare plantations, or you can also trek along the innumerable hill trails.
  • Maravanthe: Maravanthe is a tiny village in the state of Karnataka, a wonderful place where the sea and the river exist together. Having Arabian Sea on one side and the Souparnika River flowing on the other side, this unique view makes a destination worth unforgettable trips near Karnataka. For all nature lovers, it offers one of the most scenic beach roads, the tranquillity and serenity of which is undeniable.
  • Coorg: just about five hours away from Bangalore, Coorg is a hill station and an evergreen repose with its lush landscapes, heritage coffee plantations and rolling hills. Breathe in the fresh mountain air and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the distant Western Ghats from the Raja’s Seat, sip on the best South Indian coffee in the surrounding plantations or spend a morning dipping your feet in the waters at the Kavery Nisargadhama. Whatever you choose, be sure to be awed by this natural beauty.