Berkey Water Filters; A review

The Berkey water filter system from USA berkey filters is one of the most popular water systems in the United States and by extension, the world. There are many reasons why this is possible. Some could be down to its availability. However, the fact that this product also comes with four slots for filters and purifies more than 6 gallons per hour makes it a great fit for the household.

For that reason, we would be looking at the Berkey water filter system today and the various things that the product can bring to the table. Knowing what these things are would ensure that we make the right decision when it comes to getting one;

Understanding the Berkey water filter system

The Berkey water filter is said to rely on a large chunk of gravity when it comes to doing its work. Because of this factor, the more water you can into the chamber, the better the flow you are going to have in a long time. It also comes with reservoirs. These reservoirs can store close to 3 gallons per hour and purifying them. This simply shows that the Berkey filter systems have a large capacity and can deal with that capacity accordingly.

What contaminants can it remove?

The truth is that the strength of every water filter system is in what it can remove. The tests which have been run on Berkey water filter systems seem to suggest that there are indeed a lot of things which the Berkey water filter systems can deal with. Chief of this would be every sort of heavy metals. These metals can sometimes find their way into the water. The result is a metallic taste or a taste which is just not good enough.

Other things which the Berkey water filter system would be able to remove would include the various types of pesticides, chloride and even petroleum products or its traces. The Berkey water filter system would also be able to deal with arsenic and fluoride issues with up to 97% of the issues likely to be dealt with in one clean swipe. It has been said that the entire test results ran on the Berkey filter system exceeds the standard requirements which have been set by the NSF by a large margin.

Pros of the Berkey water filter system

Here are some of the pros of using the Berkey water filter system;

  • Microfiltration: it comes with the microfiltration feature. This means that it has the power to remove some of the tiniest microorganisms which can be found in your water. This ensures that the likelihood of purity would be high
  • Simple yet sleek design: if you are looking for a water filter system which would be effective and yet not look out of place in your home, then this is the water filter system to go for. It would fit perfectly into your home.
  • Perfect size: you would also be able to place this filter system on top of various countertops in your home. This is all down to the size of the product. It is portable and that is a big plus for any water filter system.
  • Price: for every gallon of purified water from Berkey, you would only have to part with $0.02 which is a very good deal. The price of the Berkey filter systems are also quite cheap making it a great filter system to have

Cons of this product

  • Manual: the major drawback of this product is that refilling the chamber is something which is manually done. This means that you would have to do this yourself whenever the water in the chamber is finished.

Where to buy: one of the best places where you can get your water filter systems is the USA Berkey Filters. They have some of the best filters straight from the producers of Berkey Filters. They are also one of the largest distributors with a great delivery plan which would whet your appetite.


The Berkey Filter system is one of the best and this is proved by the many benefits which you gain from using it. Therefore, if you were considering buying this water filter systems before, you should. You have my entire support.