Best casino games odds: comparison

Possibility to make really good money at an online casino is the main gambling attraction today. Experienced gamblers are not trying all the slots for their visual effects, but they are searching for the best casino games odds. The truth here is as follows: slots are considered to be the most popular casino games, but they rarely bring cool winnings. Naturally, exceptions exist, but they only prove the rule which is known to all skilled players — traditionally, table and especially card games are known as the casino games with the best odds.

What is odds and how it can affect your gambling

In simple words, odds are the chance of a player to win — the probability to beat a casino. It is very easy to understand how much one can win with gaming video machines as almost all of them are usually equipped with a winning table. Finally, the software providers must give their users the opportunity to find out about opportunities (odds) and risks in advance. As payouts rates depend on the provider, here is the list of the most generous companies, which games let players win more often:



NetEnt (known as the #1 provider with the best casino games odds);



It is of course not possible to draw any conclusions about other software providers or even casinos. Ultimately, only the direct comparison will help.

Casino odds

When it comes to gaming machines, the so-called RTP is considered. Let’s say the slot machine’s RTP is 96.3%. That would mean that the casino earns $963 in profits from $1,000. The second slot machine, on the other hand, only pays out a rate of 95.8%, i.e. 958 dollars. First of all, the 5 USD difference is not gigantic. However, in “big gambling”, it is. This does not mean, of course, that we generally accept all casinos with odds higher than 95%. Many other criteria play a large, sometimes even more relevant role than casino games best odds. The more modern the machines and the more popular their game theme, the more developers are required to deliver solid payout and win rates. Some of the old three-reel classics have lost some of their relevance. Here the odds are rather secondary because such games are only interesting for certain target groups. A significant drop in RTP can also be seen in jackpot machines. However, if they distribute a profit, it is often about several thousand euros. As a rule, the odds for simple combinations are also relatively low there.

Games with the best odds

Blackjack game various types are known for their best casino games odds (0.13%). That is why many players learn how to play BJ and other intellectual card games, the result of which depends much on the player’s skill. Here are the odds for other most often played games at casinos:

Craps (1.2 -0.6% depending on the casino);

Roulette (2.7% or 5.26% for American Roulette);

Wheel of Fortune (11.2%).

Poker is not mentioned here as it is very difficult to foresee the result of each round, especially if people are gambling in a real land casino.