Best Places to Camp in Walla Walla

Unplug and enjoy the beauty and wonders of nature. Camping is an activity that you can do alone but is best to enjoy with your loved ones. Thousands of people annually head into the wilderness for a day or two to get their minds refreshed and their bodies relaxed before facing a new week.

When you visit the Walla Walla area there is no way you should miss camping. Plan at least a night in the outdoors to truly get the full experience of all that this area has to offer. We’ve got dozens of camping sites to choose from, and the time spent with friends, family and nature are going to be some of the best memories you’ll make. Here are a few sites to consider for your next trip:

  • Little Goose Landing

Located above the Little Goose Dam, Little Goose Landing offers access to multiple leisure activities you can try. The place allows you to do some fishing, water sports, camping, or provides just a quiet place to picnic along the river with your friends or family.

  • Mt. Misery

Mt Misery provides a camping area that is great for slowing down the pace of people’s lives and it lets us enjoy the wilderness.  The sites here are private and usually pretty quiet. It is one of the only campgrounds around that is pet-friendly.

  • Mottet Campground

If camping is your go-to activity when you want to relax or unwind, Mottet Campground is exactly what you need. Spend your day relaxing in this tranquil and secluded campground where you can smell the fresh greens and stargaze all through the night.

These are just three of the list but there are lots of other campgrounds you can visit here in Walla Walla. Camping is proven to have a big impact on reducing stress and contributes to emotional and physical health. Many expert campers joke that stress can be caused by not camping enough – that may be true. Who wouldn’t want to go outdoors and be entrenched in nature?

Get your backpacks now and choose among the above places for your next camping trip!