Can Car Covers Scratch Your Paint?

Do you want to keep your car, truck, or SUV looking like brand new for years to come? Whether your vehicle is stored in a garage or outdoors, having the right car cover keeps paint jobs in pristine condition. The car cover can help prevent damage from rain, snow, humidity, sunlight, and dirt. If you would like to buy one but not sure what to look for in a vehicle, just follow this guide to shop for the best indoor and outdoor car covers.

Many people think that by leaving the car primarily in your garage will protect it from damage. Unfortunately, this is not always true. Dust and dirt can collect on the surface and they act like sandpaper which can ruin the paint job. An indoor car cover will also protect your vehicle against everyday accidents which can cause minor dents and scratches. For those who have a two-door garage, an indoor car cover will protect your vehicle from door dings caused by the other vehicle. It will also protect your car from being scratched or knocked by bicycles, toys or anything else that you may be storing in your garage. You can always have some peace of mind to move freely in the garage when you have your vehicle covered. If you own a luxury or vintage vehicle, then the indoor car cover is especially important.  Get a cover with a soft underside for optimal protection.

Most car covers can be used indoor and outdoor. This works well if your vehicle spends an equal amount of time in the garage or parked outside on your driveway. If your car spends most of its time outside, then you may want to consider investing in a heavier duty cover for extra protection against the weather.

A car cover can keep your car clean thus saving you money on car washes over time. Instead of washing your car each month, you will be able to keep it just as clean, washing it every couple of months.

Do car covers damage car paint? One of the most common concerns when shopping for a car cover is whether the cover itself will scratch the paint. Well, there is a possibility if you do not cover your car properly. It is important that you choose a well-fitted and quality cover that thoroughly fits so that it will not scratch or leave a mark on your car.

In order to prolong the lifespan of your car cover, you would need to know how to take care of your car cover. Cleaning the car cover often will not only keep the cover looking nice but also sustain it.  There are two ways to clean a car cover. Either by hand or in a washing machine.  Do pay attention to the care instructions that your cover came in. If you wash it by hand, you would need a garden hose, water, sponge and mild liquid detergent. Spray the cover with the hose, scrub it with mild detergent and sponge. Then rinse it with the hose and hang dry. If your cover is machine washable, remember to only use a front-loading washer and turn to the gentle or delicate cycle. Never use fabric softener or hot water to wash your car cover.