Cannabis Oil: What’s It All About & Why You Should Try It

The shift is overwhelming. Just a couple years after the Farm Bill opened up the legal CBD market around the US, 14% of Americans told Gallup that they use it. And another 50% know what it is and are CBD-curious. 40% use CBD to manage pain. 20% take it for anxiety. And 11% say it helps them sleep.

CBD-rich Cannabis oil is everywhere. And with its continued success, come new investments in a better product and improvements in the extraction process. It’s safer and better than ever.

How is Cannabis Oil Made?

Viparspectra XS 1500 Review can be extracted using several methods.

Cold-Pressed CBD

Cold-pressed cannabis oil is the best for food-grade products because it maintains the full-spectrum of nutrients surrounding the CBD. Filled with antioxidants, terpenes and Omega 3 oil, CBD that’s cold-pressed has an “Entourage Effect”. That’s the effect you get when you eat a whole food vs. overly processed ones or isolated nutrients.

A cold press involves specialized equipment that mechanically separates the cannabis oil from the seed without the need for heat or solvents, so it doesn’t destroy any of those nutrients.

CO2 Extraction

CO2 uses the freezing power of dry ice (frozen CO2) to start a chemical reaction that separates the CBD from the other raw product. During this process, the cannabis is frozen, then pressurized and superheated to cause what’s known as “supercritical state”. In this state, the plant matter is ready to release CBD and other elements of the entourage.

But first, the supercritical plant matter must be mixed with 200 proof alcohol and placed into deep freeze. When heated the next day, the alcohol evaporates, leaving just the refined product. A CBD manufacturer can now isolate the CBD from its entourage by distilling it if they wish, using Short Path Distillation equipment.

CBD isolate is a pure powder. The oils and other nutrients have been removed from it.

Both of these methods are safe and effective.

Benefits of Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil can be made from hemp cannabis or marijuana in states like California, where that’s legal. Therefore, it’s important to note that cannabis oil may contain another cannabinoid, THC, which is known to cause psychoactive effects. So read the label if you’re trying to avoid THC.

Both CBD and THC have scientifically-supported benefits. In fact, both  the US and parts of Europe now have prescription medications that include one or both of these cannabinoids.

CBD oil specifically is all the rage right now because as federal regulation has loosened, more scientists have been able to complete studies showing the benefits of CBD. Some of the most persuasive evidence points toward helping people with:

  • Epilepsy
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain

While much of the proof is still anecdotal (personal experiences), the number of well-conducted, double-blind, controlled studies is growing. And the scientific consensus is that CBD doesn’t have any side effects severe enough for people to stop taking it. If you take too much CBD during the day, you may feel sleepy, for example.

But quality, consistency and safety matter. The industry is highly unregulated. So you should only buy from a brand you trust.

How Lowell Farms Is Different

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