We’re invariably looking for exciting things to be doing with kids as parental figures, particularly on weekend evenings or even during the summer school breaks. While we enjoy taking the children around outside or investing in certain kid-friendly outdoor handicrafts, the climate doesn’t always cooperate, harming our carefully planned activities. As a result, we’ve come up with a list of craft concepts that are great indoor tasks for kids. And it’ll come in handy on any rainy weekend.

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Play dough made from scratch

Molding completely new play dough into shape and size, specifically for small children, would be both soothing and intellectual. While trying to play with all of these spongy handmade things, young muscle fibers will cultivate resilience, control, and manual dexterity. There’s no need to go out there and consider purchasing some when our simple play dough recipe is just as satisfactory than store-bought.

A psychic or a social butterfly

It couldn’t get any easier than all of this, with our origami chatterbox craft only mandating a few pencils and a sheet of cardboard to complete. This toy is a play area favorite, but also kids will enjoy adorning it and trying to play with it with their friends/relatives.

Stickers made at home

How those kids will not appreciate a great sticker book and temporary tattoos? It’s one of our new favorite kid’s crafts because they can make their individualized decals and let their imaginations run wild. A great way to spend a rainy night.

Lamp made of lava

Little ones will enjoy the sensory stimulation provided by lava lamps. They’ll also demonstrate the scientific knowledge behind cool chemical changes for older children. If you’re not a natural crafter, trying to make a lava lamp might have seemed daunting. However, this DIY project is very simple to complete and only requires a few common kitchen wares.

Jellyfish with a jolly disposition

These merry jellyfish are also one of our preferred kid’s art and craft. They’ll furthermore look fabulously hung above their mattress or even from their window treatment pole as an interior decoration. You can always sketch the eyes if you don’t want to spend the money on googly eye sockets. All of the other supplies, such as bows, tissue, and wrappings, should also be commonly accessible in your home.

Wand of the rainbow

The above colorful wand is an enjoyable experience that also serves as a doll and a costume adornment. To put it together, we used sparkling cards, vibrantly colored ribbons, trimmers, and glue. However, youngsters could always add extra personalization with crystals, gems, or whatever else they think is acceptable.

Decoration ideas in rainbow colors

Another rainbow-themed DIY activity, that’s one of our simplest art and craft for kids, requiring only 5 pieces of equipment. We think these multi-colored decorations would be a hit at any children’s party. Quickly set up an art table with a pre-cut badge and ribbon and then be on hand to guide them on how to go about it.