Difference Between TPE Sex Dolls Vs. Silicone Sex Dolls

Since the sex dolls were first introduced, these have undergone a lot of developments. Previously, inflatables dominated the market. However, these now seem to be so fake that it becomes difficult to believe that people actually paid for these and even settled for them.

Since there have been many advancements, especially in materials and technology, sex dolls have improved significantly. The developments have been so that the dolls mimic actual skin and flesh. So now, there is no need to be uncomfortable with plastic that was so unfriendly on the human skin.

When buying a sex doll, almost 90 per cent depends on the feel and sensation of the doll. Because of this, it has become crucial to pay attention to the material that one should choose, whether a TPE sex doll or a silicone one.

TPE or Silicone

TPE or Thermoplastic Elastomer, also called thermoplastic rubber, is made from a mixture of polymers. For example, a sex doll is a combination of rubber and plastic. Such a combination of polymer leads to a material comprising elastomer or rubber and thermoplastic or plastic.

TPE can be stretched up to 5 times its usual strength. As a result, there is maximum softness and suppleness. For such reasons, TPE is rapidly becoming popular and is being considered even in everyday items since it can conform well to any shape upon heating. Overall, TPE in a sex doll allows easy shaping and re-shaping.

Major Advantages

Since TPE is a mix of thermoplastic and elastomer and responds quite well to injection moulding, it is quite efficient. Because of these advantages, TPE dolls cost way less than those made of other materials. Secondly, the texture of TPE sex dolls is second to none. The touch is life like, and so these dolls feel far more realistic than the silicone ones. It is evident from the buttock and the breasts that wobble just like it would in the case of a real woman when the body moves back and forth while pumping her.

Another big advantage is the sex position. Since TPE is more elastic, the doll is far more flexible. As a result, there can be a variety of sex positions that the doll can handle. In addition, although TPE is not silicone based, dolls made from this material are compatible with both silicone-based and water-based lubricants.

Disadvantages of Silicon

Silicone is a thermo set. It means that once it is cured, it becomes firm, and no alteration can be done. Because of this small scope for error, it is more expensive than TPE. Also, it feels stiff and dense when touched, unlike TPE, which is more like rubber and feels more human.

In silicone, the breasts and the buttocks will not wobble so much when rocked back and forth as TPE since the consistency is more rubber like. Moreover, given the lubricant, silicon is not among the most durable polymer. It feels sticky when touched and sometimes requires the application of baby powder to have a better feel.

Finally, a TPE sex doll would be the best material if looking for a realistic sex doll. The features are great. However, a little bit of care is needed to maintain the doll.