Elementary school fundraising catalogs that work

Over the years, we have come across those that have been involved in a lot of elementary school fundraising catalogs. We have successfully helped a number of elementary schools make their fundraising needs realizable.

We understand that no school can function properly without the needed funds, and this is one reason that we have been in the business of helping different schools get to their targets. There are a lot of reasons schools go the extra mile to get funds, it could be to fund one program or the other. Whatever the reason may be, we have crafted out school fundraising catalogs that can truly help you raise the money that you crave for. Fundraising Zone has everything you need to get started.

Holiday Collection School Fundraising Catalog

When the holiday season comes nigh, this is the perfect time to make money and raise the fund that you crave for. When the festivity starts, everyone is in the mood to wrap gifts. They want to show their loved ones that they are thankful for their existence. This could come as an advantage to a school that wants to raise funds for their school.

You can take it upon yourself and your colleagues to supply them the needed wrapping paper that they will use in wrapping their gifts.

In this school fundraising catalogs, there are a number of wrapping papers that can be used for different occasions. One thing about this is that those holiday observers won’t mind paying more than is needed for a normal wrapping paper because they know that they are doing it for a cause.

You could also use this idea when you are observing mother’s day and even father’s day. This is an awesome way of raising money.

If you use the right fundraising company, you may end up getting a lot of discounts on this catalog.

Magazine Fundraising Catalog

The truth is that a lot of people don’t mind looking at magazines, especially those that speak to them. There is something that makes the glossy look of the magazine something that everyone would not mind taking a look at. Since they fancy magazines, you can use this to your advantage by selling it to them. When they find out that it is for a schools fundraising, they won’t mind purchasing it from you in a bid to assist no matter how little they can. You can take it up a notch by taking to the local dentist and doctor offices, asking them if you can supply magazines to their waiting rooms. There will hardly be a doctor or dentist that would turn you down because they know that they are doing it for a good cause.

Have you gone to a doctor’s waiting room? That is a dumb question, right, but we want to get somewhere with it. When you looked at their magazine subscriptions, there is a great chance that they subscribed for multiple magazines at once, covering different topics that would interest their patients. Why not use this to your advantage?

You can start supplying them magazines such as People, Time and Sports Illustrated. You can use them for an as little as ten dollars, or even less. You will get a large discount from buying from a good source instead of going over the stand to purchase them. With the discount, it is quite easy to sell your magazines and make a lot of money from it.

You can even get up to fifty percent discount for this school fundraising catalog.

Candy Fundraising Catalog

There is hardly a soul that doesn’t fancy the thrill of munching on chocolate. After taking the chocolate, they are happy, with the look of satisfaction on them. You can improve their look of satisfaction when you swell chocolate of different brands to them, in a bid to raise money for the school.

You can go for the milk chocolate dark chocolate, English toffee, peanut butter, and even caramels. Why not make money from things that people love enjoying, and they won’t mind paying more for it because of the cause? You will realize that a lot of people would go out of their way to help you reach your fundraising target. A case of killing many birds with one stone.