Get an elaborate idea on how to play Domino online

Domino was invented in China though some people say that Egyptians invented the game. The oldest domino set was found in the tomb of Tutankhamen tomb in Thebes. The king rules the 18th dynasty of Egypt in 1355 BC.

In the modern era, the game can be played in clubs or online. Domino sets are of various types and can be found all over the world. The most popular ones are block game and draw game. The games are played according to instructions, which can be related to double six, double nine, or double twelve.  The game can be played in pubs and playing domino online option is also available. Here we will discuss about the block game and the draw game.

Block game

The domino set is shuffled and each player is allowed to draw six dominoes but is not allowed to see their values. The person having double six has to start the game. If no double six is there, then double five can be used and so on. If no doubles are available, the dominos have to be reshuffled and redrawn.

A player has the option of playing only one tile having a number that is displayed in a domino chain or the other. If the matching number is available at both ends after a player plays the tile, then it is said that he/she has stitched up the ends.

The placement of the tile should be such that matching ends are adjacent to each other. In the case of double tiles, the placement of tiles is done in any three directions where two matching sides are in full touch. The doubles cross each other till the end of the chain. The game ends when a player has to play his/her last domino. There are situations in which nine of the player can proceed with the game. In such a case, those players are winners can partners whose sum of remaining dominoes is the least.

Draw Game

It is a variant of block game in which people take fewer domino in comparison to block game. In this case, if a player does not have any option, then he/she can draw a sleeping domino for his/her set. If sleeping dominos are also unavailable, they have to pass their turn to other players. Here is the number of dominos to be used according to the number of players.

  • Two players seven dominos
  • Three players five tiles
  • Four players four tiles
  • Five players three tiles

Benefits of playing dominos

There are many benefits to playing dominos, which are as follows:

Arithmetic skills are improved

People play the game in order to win it. In this game, they have to set the tiles with the strategy so that the sum of the dominos at all ends should be divisible with five with no remainder.

Critical thinking is developed

The players can win by applying circulating domino rule in which if a player has placed all his/her tiles, the remaining players can count the dots according to the tiles remaining in their hands.