Helpful tips to help you get your S Pass in Singapore


What are your plans for a long-term stay in Singapore, including employment? Workers with mid-level talents who want to live in Singapore may apply for a S Pass, which is issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Technologists are a good illustration of this kind of employment.

For individuals seeking for a job, this means two things

To be eligible to apply for this work visa, you must already have a job offer in writing.

It isn’t necessary for you to be involved in the process since your employer is accountable for a large percentage of it. In most cases, you have to sit back and see what happens over the course of time.

In this piece, we’ll go over some of the most important factors that may help candidates have their S Pass applications granted.

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Use the Self-Assessment Tool to Take Part in the Process (SAT)

You should begin by taking the Self-Assessment Tool Test (SAT) that the Ministry of Manpower has made accessible to you (MOM).

For those who want to know whether they are qualified for a Singapore S Pass, passing this test will provide them a better grasp of the process.

However, if your SAT scores indicate that you are eligible for this work pass, you should expect a 90% chance of success in your application.

Prior to taking the test, make sure you have a digital copy of your passport, diplomas, pay stubs, and a resume or CV on available. This will make it easier for you to complete the application and send it to MOM. Here are the things that you need for S Pass Application.

Make sure you know the company’s current foreign employee quota

People in Singapore and permanent residents are protected from falling behind foreign nationals in competitive circumstances by the government. As a result, the maximum number of S Pass holders that one organisation may employ is limited.

Individual company owners: For those of you who have never applied for a S Pass before, you will need to provide information about your company in order to get an idea of your quota.

The maximum number of S Pass holders that businesses may hire is 10% of the total number of employees employed by the firm in the services sector, according to the allotment.

In the industrial sector, 20% of the workforce, and in all other sectors, 18% of the workforce.

When the Singapore Budget 2022 was released, the Dependency Ratio Ceiling for the construction and process sector was reduced to 1:5. The DRC refers to the maximum number of S Pass and Work Permit holders that the company is well allowed to employ.

Employers that take on more employees than the statutory quota must comply with the following requirements:

Be allowed to keep their additional employees in place until the S Passes now in use expire.

You will not be able to apply for a new or renewed S Pass if you go over the quota.

Prepare to shell out the S Pass fee

The S Pass levy is a pricing mechanism that is used to limit the number of immigrants. Each S Pass holder employed by a company must be charged by the company’s owners. Until the work permit is cancelled or allowed to expire, the S Pass holder has an ongoing duty to pay the levy. To learn more about the S Pass Quota and Levy, please visit this website. Owners of firms must use the GIRO system to pay their fees.