Highest And Lowest Rated Hollywood Studios Restaurants

While it’s actual Walt Disney World is foodie heaven, not all eateries and eating areas are made equivalent. So how would you know which eateries merit your time or which ones you should abandon? In the wake of scouring through different survey locales, we’ve gathered a rundown of both the most elevated and least appraised feasting objections at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. So which ones made the cut? What’s more, will you concur with our client evaluations? How about we investigate? We’ve set up rules for the eating areas, for example, if an eating spot offers a toll that could fill in as a feast, it makes the rundown.

Most elevated Rated Restaurants in Hollywood Studios

  • 50’s Prime Time Cafe and Woody’s Lunch Box

50’s Prime Time Cafe at Echo Lake offers more than a homecooked feast. This eatery is an encounter! Visitors eat at kitchen tables in 1950’s kitschy kitchens where the workers are family and have no hesitations about bossing you around and ensuring you keep your elbows off the table. The passage is comfort food like singed chicken, meatloaf, and pot broil; and for some, Prime Time Cafe’s strength Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake is an absolute necessity.

  • Baseline Taphouse

Baseline Taphouse is a California-enlivened parlor offering juices, brews, wines on tap, created mixed drinks, and so forth. In any case, if that is not your thing, BaseLine likewise offers non-cocktails in addition to yummy pretzels and other little plates. The lone issue? Indoor seating is restricted and sitting outside in the Florida stickiness isn’t generally an engaging choice. Moreover, the Great Movie Ride Ice Cream Cart, Hollywood Junction Snack Cart, and the Indiana Jones Ice Cream Cart were totally appraised 96% and offer Mickey Premium Ice Cream bars, drinks, and frozen treats.

  • Trolley Cafe

Trolley Cafe is the recreation center’s Starbucks area and apparently quite possibly the most famous spots at the recreation center in hollywood studios restaurants. Notwithstanding the standard Starbucks menu, visitors may likewise discover occasional Disney-themed treats. Despite the fact that they as of now not, at this point offer their sandwiches at lunch and supper, you can buy breakfast sandwiches here.

Most minimal Rated Restaurants in Hollywood Studios

  • Catalina Eddie’s and Dockside Diner

Catalina Eddie’s is a snappy assistance spot in the shadow of Tower of Terror on Sunset Boulevard. While it might take care of business, the menu is to a great extent deadened Italian admission of pizzas, flatbreads, and plates of mixed greens. Presently Dockside Diner at Echo Lake has eccentric hours and a menu that is comparably variable. While we can’t ensure what will be served from one visit to another, it’s commonly standard amusement park charges like franks and pulled pork.

  • PizzeRizzo

In case you’re at all acquainted with Disney’s Hollywood Studios, this should not shock anyone. While I’m by and by for all Muppet portrayal in the parks, PizzeRizzo is famous for its meh pizza and sides and for just being open occasionally.

  • ABC Commissary and Hollywood and Vine

ABC Commissary and Hollywood and Vine are tied for the most noticeably awful appraisals as indicated by different surveys and rating locales for Hollywood studios restaurants. Yet, presently ABC Commissary has been making a rebound of late, yet it very well might be somewhat late for this time around. It can likewise be said ABC Commissary has experienced somewhat of a personality emergency since for some time it was offering brisk help snacks and table assistance supper reservations and is presently back to being snappy help, however once in a while with diminished hours.


While numerous visitors have appreciated the café’s new menu and the opportunity to see characters, it might take additional time and refining from Hollywood and Vine to improve its evaluations.