How a groom can take control of his own bucks night

Grooms are weary of bucks parties. So many of them have seen or hear about guys that would stumble into a strip club and get so pissed everything just becomes a blur. Stories of grooms getting so drunk, they wake up stark naked tied to a street lamp or waking up in a police cell with no memory of how they ended up being there are all too common. It’s hard to understand how much fun a groom could actually say they had when the consequences are painful and embarrassing – do embarrassing that he would not want to share them with anyone. Sometimes, grooms feel powerless once the planning of the bucks party is out of their hands. 

The best thing about being in control of the bucks night Melbourne is that the groom doesn’t have to be the butt of the joke. He doesn’t have to pretend he is having a good time when he is not. He can also choose the venue, activities and the kind of strip club he wants to visit.  

Tradition dictates that the groom be left out if the planning but there are ways to ensure that he gets the  bucks party he wants.  

  1. Choose the best man very wisely

Traditionally, the best man is the one who is often tasked with planning the bucks night. This isn’t the only thing that falls on the best man, but he has to take time to write an outstanding speech that could praise and potentially humiliate and offend the groom and the bride. Pick your right-hand man carefully. You should be able to trust that your best man has your best interest at heart. 

  1. Set boundaries

Make sure you set boundaries as early as possible. Pull the bucks night organiser aside and let them know exactly what you Don’t Want. This way, he will know what you are willing to tolerate and which places are absolute “No-go areas”. Some things might not be negotiable when you need to make sure everyone has a good time has a good time like bucks party strippers.   

  1. It should not last longer than a single night

If you are sure you are ready to go all out for your bucks night, then stick to a single night’s craziness. It’s also cheaper to keep it to one night than to try multiple nights.   

  1. Your party, your guest list

The groom should know the guests he would like to invite for his bucks night party. The guest list should never be left to the best man. You may have common acquaintances but there might be people you would rather not have at your bucks night. Keep the list small, this keeps the chaos small. 

  1. Low key event means low budget 

If you want control over the budget, then a low-key affair will better. A big do will affect the budget. Set the theme to manage the budget. Weddings are expensive enough, spending more money over frivolous things isn’t a great thing. 

  1. Ban photos

What happens at a bucks night Melbourne stays there, right. Have a pact with your friends that they will not reveal the madness of the bucks night. The one way to ensure that, no one ever sees you in a mankini again or sees you getting a lap dance by a gorgeous stripper is to ban photos and video. If there is no photographic evidence who’s to say you really did what you may get accused of doing?

With these points handled, you can relax and just give in to the madness.