How Fear Of Public Speaking Can Hold Back Your Career?

In case if any one of us is a victim of fear of public speaking (FOPS) then greetings you are not only the one to have it all alone as it is ubiquitous at the workplace. It is often reported being one of the most and one of the biggest of human fears. In fact, according to some studies FOPS is ranked as number one followed by number two which is death. The thought of facing a group of people and speaking on any topic would plunge us into the abysses of terror in which some might go numb and some good even faint in the face of this situation.

So, here are some drawbacks that the fear of speaking can bring along:

Failing to deliver potential ideas:

Nevertheless, it is not a simple task to overcome FOPS, but if we do not try it can have an adversely damaging and regressive impact on our career. As it will put a virtual full stop on communicating our ideas effectively and explaining new and innovative concepts and strategies which we may come up with on our own, with our hard work and dedication. If we do not let it out, then someone else will leverage from it by developing our ideas and presenting them as theirs in front of the superiors or the clients. If not that then to communicate one’s idea authority will unanimously delegate someone excellent with public speaking who will then take the credit of presenting it and even in some cases coming up with it.

Hindering Promotions:

Tara Jaye Frank, Founder, and CEO of TJF Career Modeling LLC once said, “People don’t get promoted for doing their jobs really well. They get promoted by demonstrating their potential to do more.”

Just like that, the FOPS will inevitably hinder our promotions and steady growth of our career by keeping us from communicating our creativity and ideas verbally to the superiors in the face of several professional discussions. Hence we should not let our fear control our mind and control our body.

Unable to Meet Expectations and Deadlines:

Given a situation where we are unable to communicate freely and clearly due to our glossophobia tendency. We may thus fail to communicate with our leader or being a leader perhaps fail to communicate clearly with our team which can be a huge setback in both the scenario.


Due to these given reasons where our career is at stake, we should take cognizance of the very fact it is in our hands to let go of our fear of public speaking or to live with it letting to corrode our career detrimentally. All we should do is make up our mind and consider following some realistic and effective techniques to deliver our speeches professionally and confidently. Such as preparing a well-structured speech, practicing it in front of a mock audience, consider reviewing our speeches and training under professional orators and getting tips from them, visualization of speaking in front of an audience and many more are there on the list which we can consider doing. For instance, We can take Karen Mccleave Toronto-based lawyer who has more than 30 years of experience working as an Assistant Crown Attorney. Karen Mccleave appeared in the Ontario and Superior Courts of Justice, primarily in York Region, Dufferin, and Simcoe counties. Which was all possible due to her excellent oratory skills.