How to enjoy Philadelphia in its true essence

Philadelphia is an important city of Pennsylvania region of the US. This American city is known for its rich cultural heritage and History and has witnessed some of the very important events that changed the World. Apart from the monuments and landmarks like Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, where the America’s Independence became official, this city has great cuisine to offer to foodies.

By booking Philadelphia Food Tours, one can enjoy the beauty of this city while munching on some unforgettable delicacies. Tourists can enjoy this city by doing certain activities, such as:


  • Visit to parks: Fisher Park, Campbell Square and Belmont Plateau are some of the interesting park locations where visitors can have fun time. These parks are offering organized barbecues, wines and cold beers and also the drinks for children. Thus, you can have a gala family time together. Some parks are dog-friendly too!



  • Festivals: Philadelphia is home to a number of cultural festivals, such as Lantern festival, etc. The lantern festival features handcrafted lanterns that show their real colors after the sunset. This festival is sure to offer you beautiful and picturesque memories to create.



  • Live Music shows: This Pennsylvanian city is home to artists, musicians, painters, etc. Visitors to this city can attend these music shows. But, you should take along food and beverage coupons, etc. as you are likely to get absorbed in the vibe of these shows.



  • Beer Week: You can plan joining beer week by referring to the schedule available online. Philadelphia is the finest beer-drinking city of the US. The beer is home brewed in this city and that is why; you are likely to come across some of the quirkiest taste of this beverage.



  • Food tours: The city of Philadelphia has a number of eateries and the prominent landmarks both of which can be covered with food tours. The tour operators are mostly local and take the visitors to some of the food hubs which serve locally developed special recipes.


So, plan your food tour to Philadelphia that comprise of visits to all the lovely places of the city along with the food that you will not be able to find elsewhere.