How to get a New York marriage license

New York is a beautiful city. As a result of the beauty of the city and some other reasons best known to couples intending to get married, many couples have chosen to celebrate their marriages in New York and get licensed in New York as well. If you intend to get married and get a marriage license in New York.  Be sure to visit U.S Marriage Laws to get your application started.

There are two types of marriage licenses. They are

1) the short

2) the extended marriage certificates.

1) The short marriage certificate

The short marriage certificate is the basic license which is usually issued to couples as soon as they are getting married. Thus certificate is usually required by foreign countries with foreign jurisdictions. However, if you are a new York citizen, you would be needing extended marriage certificates.

2) Extended marriage certificates

The extended marriage certificate is that which is required for a marriage between residents of New York to be a valid marriage. The extended marriage certificate can be applied for on the same day the marriage ceremony is carried out. However, it takes a longer period to be processed unlike that of the short marriage certificate. It involves moving from different offices and buildings to another. Despite the quite strenuous process which is involved in acquiring an extended marriage certificate, its importance cannot be undermined especially for New York citizens. So it is best you start your process on time and not wait to begin at the very last minute.

Here are a few steps that you need to take in other to acquire an extended marriage certificate in New York.

1) return to the city clerks with the short certificate which was issued you and a means of identification as well.

2) an extended marriage certificate request form which is yellow would be issued you. You are to fill the yellow request form and take it to the records room for submission. On submission, you would be required to pay an extra sum of about $35. After you have made your $35 payment, you will then

3) Take the certificate to the country clerks office. In the country clerks office, the document would be signed by a notary public for the sum of $3. After that,

4) you are to go to the New York state department of state and get the authentication of the public document. you would be required to pay the sum of $10 by an order. And voila! You have your extended marriage certificate and certainly a valid marriage in New York. So, yes, the process could be a bit stressful. But in the end, you would be glad you did because the advantages of having an extended marriage certificate license outweigh the disadvantages and limitations of which not having an extended marriage license would have caused you.

To become legally licensed in new York or better put, in other for you to be granted a marriage license, be it the short or the extended marriage certificate, here some criteria you must meet.

1) The parties must be of eligible age.

The New York law provides for an eligible age which parties intending to get married must attain in other for that marriage to be valid under the law. Where the parties are below the required or stipulated age, the marriage would be void. Usually, 18 years is the stipulated age for a valid marriage to be done and for a marriage license to be issued to the parties. However, with parents consent, there could be an exemption to the rule.

2) both parties must be married to each other only.

No party to the marriage must be validly married to another person. Where a person has been legally married to another person under the new york law, the new Union would nor be recognized under the network law. And the marriage license would not be granted to the couples thereby making the marriage null and void. So, where an already married person decides to remarry and get a marriage license under the new york law, he or she must ensure that the initially contracted marriage has been validly brought to an end or dissolved in line with the provision of the new York marriage laws.