How to learn Spanish quickly

In this article we are going to discuss how to learn Spanish quickly. Be aware, this is intensive.  But if you are willing to put effort and work hard, the results will be unbelievable. We will be showing you proven ways to learn Spanish quickly… Without quitting your job/study or moving abroad. If you are ready to take the plunge and do it intensively for 3 months, it is going to seem like a daily routine.

Building blocks of Spanish

Vocabulary is the building block of any language.  Focus on most frequent words in Spanish. You can find 1000 frequent words on the internet which are used 87.8% of the time. It means you have to master only 1000 words.

Self-study Spanish beginner’s course

Follow a self-study Spanish course to get your basics right. The aim of a beginner’s course is to digest important stuff easily in a structured way.  It’s your choice what course you choose but it should include both audio and text (plenty of dialogues). Spanish Uncovered is a unique course which is created in a fun way.

You don’t have to stick to the lesson just complete the course, to get the overview of the language. Synergy Spanish is also a great course to help you start speaking Spanish fast and easy. If you want to learn more about Synergy Spanish, check out their review at

Find a Spanish tutor online

Hope you are not interested in interviewing tutors. The best place to find an affordable tutor is and spanish55. If you want to learn Spanish fast, an online tutor can boost your learning process. In each session ask specific questions from your tutor and focus on conversation rather than study.

Don’t fall in love with Spanish Grammar

In order to communicate well you don’t need to worry about mastering Spanish grammar. It is one of the biggest traps most beginner’s fall in. I don’t mean to say elementary knowledge of grammar is not important. Spanish construction of sentences is similar to English.

Read Spanish As much as possible

Reading is important to learn new words and vocabulary and how to use it. Spend time reading and listening to Spanish short stories if you are a beginner. In this process learning will happen naturally and effortlessly.  Set a daily “minimum quota” of reading a chapter. Enjoy your reading and don’t try to make it routine study. Pick reading materials which are specially written for beginners. It is better if you can find audio of the text you’re reading.

Deep dive and make lifestyle

Change out your daily activities into Spanish, instead of English. It is one of my favorite methods.

You can indulge in the following activities to make Spanish part of your life.

  •         Join local Spanish events and societies
  •         Subscribe to Spanish YouTube channels for viewing
  •         Attend classes (drawing, sketching, yoga etc.) learning session delivered in Spanish
  •         Join and participate in local language exchange events
  •         Instead of English watch Spanish TV and news

Traveling abroad to learn Spanish

Traveling to Spanish speaking country can seem like a romantic adventure. But you won’t feel like sitting and studying a textbook when you are there. Learning a new language is easier when you are at home because you control your schedule. In most places people don’t have time to stop and assist your practice.

Make a learning schedule

Now you know how to learn – put these tips into practice and set aside time in your busy schedule.


It is possible to learn Spanish quickly but it requires dedication. Stay focused and practice these techniques. I have shared the techniques to learn Spanish language fast and quickly.