How to Set Up the Perfect Business in Gold Coast?

When it comes to living life fully by the beaches in Australia, the Gold Coast region on the Australian east coast is just perfect. The perfect weather by the beach and vast career opportunities make it a world-class city.

Naturally, it is not surprising that the city hosts over 635,000 people and is home to more than 70,000 local businesses.

If you, too, dream of building your business here, you will need a few things.

For starters, you need the right kind of office furniture in Gold Coast. There are plenty of office suppliers to help you with that.

You would also need to focus on functionality, some high-quality office equipment, business stationery, license and permit.

Different types of office furniture 

Whether you want to buy or rent an office space in Gold Coast or make your home office space, you need furniture. With the Australian furniture market reaching an all-time high, there are now many options in even the most conventional office furniture.

Did you know that Gold Coast has almost 76,418 young people and 69,931 senior workers?

It is not difficult to find employees for your existing or new office space with such a tremendous workforce. However, you have to offer proper seating arrangements, especially if you plan to include many employees.

Chairs are the most basic type of office furniture in Gold Coast offices. Other types include office desks, like writing, high adjustable, managerial, and executive desks.

You will also need ample storage cabinets and tables, whether it is for day-to-day tasks or meetings.

License and permit 

The city of Gold Coast offers various types of licenses and permits for different types of businesses. You will need to avail of this depending on your business type to run officially in the city.

For instance, if you want to run an advertising agency in Gold Coast, Queensland, you will need developmental approval. This is applicable whether you want to display a temporary, mobile, or permanent advertising sign in Gold Coast.

The signs also must adhere to the amenity and safety standards of the Gold Coast authorities.

Similarly, for running a beauty therapy, piercing and tattoo parlour, skin treatment and hair salon, you need a Personal Appearances Services (PAS) permit. This must comply with the Public Health Act 2003 and the Infection Control Guidelines.

You can find all the requirements for different types of businesses in Gold Coast on their government site. Simply choose your category and apply for the license before getting started.

Note: You will also have to renew the license or permit from time to time.

Business stationery

Business stationery is another essential thing to consider when you plan to run an office in Gold Coast. The stationery plays a significant role in promoting your brand image.

One of the easiest ways to do this right is to choose a design and typeface for your business and complement it with the other stationeries.

Make sure to choose a crisp and clear typeface that is easy to read.

You would also want to ensure that you choose the stationery and equipment that are made using sustainable methods.

Gold Coast is a biologically diverse city that is home to 1700 plant species and 1300 animal species. So, making your business environmentally friendly will also appeal to the people more and help promote your business.

Note: The city of Gold Coast has more females than males, so you might want to prioritise the female consumers when spreading brand awareness.


From choosing the suitable brand stationery typeface to getting the right office furniture, making it in Gold Coast is easier than you think. With so many suppliers of office furniture in Gold Coast and Brisbane, it is not difficult to find the right furnishing.

Once you get the correct licensure and permit from the government authorities, you can focus on building your office space with the right accessories. All you will need is the right approach and diligence to make your business stand out in this beautiful city.